Cinematography, tech and boats
Vilnius Old Town, Vilnius, Lithuania
Every day we are surrounded by huge amount of visual information, and my job is to make it visually appealing for a viewer to watch. For 13+ years I have been responsible for every shot made in various commercials and movies.

One of the biggest achievements is a documentary movie about famous Lithuanian athlete Rūta Meilutytė “Rūta”.

Once you go through the whole film-making process any other challenge is a piece of cake. I am happy to share my knowledge on any chosen topic and to help you see the field from the professional and personal perspectives.
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Ronaldas Buožis on Technology now and laterCinematography, tech and boats10 days ago
What’s the best way for us to use technology to become smarter? Step one is to take advantage of the enormous value of thinking out loud in public. Find an online place that speaks to your interests to talk with others about topics you are passionate about. Second is to be a good listener. Don’t overwhelm yourself with pointless feeds, but be a good gardener of what comes in. At the same time, use tools that help you store memories and capture what you’re seeing and thinking. After a few years of this, you’ll have an incredible record, or encyclopedic map, of your life and interests. The power of well structured feed with content outside your bubble can be mindblowing, don’t you agree?
Why technology could be making you smarter than you think
Ronaldas Buožis on New to BoatingCinematography, tech and boats25 days ago
Let's start with a simple yet very common question: what's the difference between motorboats and sailboats. Yes, it's in the name, but there's more to that. A motorboat is an ultimate Bay and ocean boat and is great transport for bays or short fishing trips into the wide-open water. Whenever you get the urge, you can hop in, turn the key, and go wherever your heart desires. A sailboat is the perfect boat for people who want to connect to the water and weather on a primal level and understand how to navigate the world on their own power. If you want to live the ultimate boating adventure and explore the world by boat, then a sailboat is the boat you want. As wind power is the main source of energy in a sailboat, running cost is very low, however you will have to compensate that with your hard work while on board. It takes much effort and mastery to win over nature to your side (no auto-pilot too;)). The motorboats are easier to navigate and control, however those powerful engines are very thirsty for fuel. Yes, some can burn 200 liters per 1 hour very easily. The Engine noise at cruising speed can be a factor too, however once you start hitting those waves so fast that not a single sailboat can catch up, then you forget this quickly. Leaving the energy source aside, sailboats provide less space inside as they can only become longer, not wider. Thus, the comfort for passengers or crew is minimized and the draft of a sailboat is much deeper, requiring you to stay further from shore and avoid shallow water. While motorboats are well suited for a very comfortable journey providing opportunities to showcase your boat attire, champagne fridge and sun tanning skills. Which experience do you prefer and why?

Atėnė Strazdas DrozdaitėInterior designer/Survivor/Thinker/Forever learning/ Enthusiast
Ah! It's my dream to spend a day in the Baltic sea on a super yacht❣ Thanks to your insight now I know this for sure 😀
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Absolutely grateful for the opportunity to talk with Ronaldas. Deep knowledge and great insights for my first advertising video.
Great conversation with Ronaldas about product, software, and the challenges within.
A great person looking for ideas to solve a problem. Good luck!
Very polite
Really precise, yet imaginative guy!
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