VU Japanology student, guitar player
Vilnius, Lithuania
I'm an "interested in everything" kind of person, so I'd be happy to simply talk about anything that concerns you.
Let's talk about languages. I know a little bit of many and Japanese is my long time favourite.
Let's talk about our favourite music and overall art- how to engage in your hobbies, find the inspiration to create, I could also share my writing habits, my drawings, my biggest inspirations.
I'd be glad to listen to your fears, all the hidden problems you wouldn't want to make other people listen. I'd share what helps me grow and stay happy no matter what.
Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology are my super topics where I'd happily explore the deepest of this world with you and a cup of coffee / tea.

Let's make adventures out of little things!

P.S. I'm definitely spending the money I'd get here on my guitar lessons. :) Artists support artists!
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10% donated to Jaunimo linija, VšĮ
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30 min

Video call
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45 min

Ask me anything over a cup of coffee
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1.5 h

Lunch at selected restaurant
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2.5 h

Let's explore and find the best Vilnius pub!
Reviews from humans who have met with Rita
Rolandas Lepardinas
almost 2 years ago
I have arranged meeting with Rita for my daughter who is a fan of Japanese art. Rita is very kind and warm person. My daughter got inspiration about Japanese culture and art. Many valuable advices concerning language studies, directions in Asian art and information for further research and learning.
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