Listener / Leisure companion / Assistant
Vilnius, Lithuania
Looking for someone to talk to without the risk of being criticized, shamed or judged?
I am not a psychiatrist, counselor, life coach or psychic reader.
I am just a guy who can simply LISTEN to you or be a mirror that reflects yourself back to you, if you wish.

Looking for someone to go for a shopping with you?
I am not an athlete or fashion guru.
I am just a guy who can HELP you with all your daily works.

Looking for someone to go to the party with you, visit Vilnius old town pubs, clubs or maybe just to open a bottle of wine and enjoy it on Neris riverside together?
I am not a bar owner or sommelier.
I am just a guy who can assist you to EXPLORE Vilnius night life or simply help you to RELAX.

I am just a guy you can TRUST.

In any case, confidence is guaranteed. I am at your service.
Talk options
Choose how you’d like to meet Rimvydas and arrange your talk.
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5% donated to SOS Vaikų kaimai Lietuva
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1 h

Ask me anything over a cup of coffee
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1 h

Drive around town
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1 h

Meet in your favourite place
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