Electronics engineer, enthusiastic maker, lecturer.
Šnipiškės, Vilnius, Lithuania
Fixed my first concole the Zhiliton 938-A (that old one with yellow cartridges) when I was a kid, soldered first audio amplifier when I was 16, have electrons and DIY ideas spining in my head since ... I guess since I was born...

B.Eng., Electronics engineering:
* Work at electronics repair shop;
* Basic embedded programming;
* Analog electronics, ultra low level signals;
* Power electronics;
* Making various prototypes for the lab at Center for Physical Sciences and Technology.

M.Eng., Computer engineering
* Basic programming with Python;
* Some digital signal processing;
* Basic PCB design.

At present time working as a happy maker at VGTU "LinkMenų" fabrikas (officially as a manager of prototyping laboratory).
Have you seen a car going by the speed of the internet? Or an art piece Dance for the Dawn standing in the middle of the Playa at Burning Man? A talking art piece called "Senojo Tilto Muzikantas" in Pasvalys? Then you already have seen some of the weird stuff I have been involved in as an engineer.

I also do Analog electronics and Arduino programming courses.

Basically I'm a geeky, even nerdy person who is interested in most technological/engineering stuff and who also likes to talk a lot! :)

Keywords: 3D printing, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, open source, open hardware, CNC, robotics, automatisation, IoT, 3D modeling, digital fabrication, electric transportation, analog guitar effect pedals, DIY, hackatons.
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