Expert of Creating A Dream Job(s)
Vilnius, Lithuania
During my last year of studies at University of the Arts London, I realized that I wanted to work for myself. And so I did! However, after 6 years in London and reaching every single goal I've had set for myself, it dawned on me, that it was time for a change. An adventure, aimed at finding out whether my vision of working for myself back home was viable.

Not to shock you or anything, but it's completely possible to create a career based one's vision & terms, after all!

Alongside, I do PR & communications for brands in Lithuania and beyond, and I absolutely love the life I created!
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20% donated to SOS gyvūnai, VšĮ
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Creating one's dream career
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Publishing industry: what's to know
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Your PR strategy: issues and opportunities
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Walk my pet with me
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Community building for brands: what’s to know
Reviews from humans who have met with Rasa
Gabija Damalakaitė
almost 2 years ago
Motivating and encouraging conversation on the topic of future carrer, or as Rasa would say: turn your dream into your carrier
Tomas Labuckas
almost 2 years ago
Suprantanti ir puikiai gebanti atsakyti į įvairių sričių klausimus, profesionalumo ir drąsos įkvepiantis žmogutis 😉
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