Photographer, innerdance facilitator, profounder of “Orangu”
Klaipėda, Lithuania
I am a photographer (Raimonda Vyšnia photography) that specializes in lifestyle, portrait and children photography.
I am mother of 3 kids.
I am Innerdance facilitator( The Inner Dance is a transformative self-awakening process )

I am a photographer that specializes in lifestyle, portrait and children photography. Since my childhood I have liked to deepen into myself and to watch people. After the birth of my children, I have started my studies and work as a photographer. At the very start, I have been thinking about the photography as a way to create art and deliver messages to the world, but my children made me realize that art is everything - here and now. After being here and now, there came a time for my spiritual searches and practices. Parenting, patiency and ability to spot details - all of it gradually and continuously got stronger and purer. I realized what is interesting to me: I feel people, I scan them - I see their faces, eyes, character and temper. I am still searching for myself as a photographer, but the more I work - the more I realize that I am walking the right path of my life.
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