Hospitality | Service trainer | Founder @Guestbookconsulting | Dog lover

The last 10 years I have spent in international tourism environment, working with world’s leading your operator, various hotels in different destinations and other hospitality professionals. My career has given me an amazing opportunity to live in several countries such as Spain, Greece, Tunisia, England and Germany; and get to know their people, culture and way of living. Currently based in a beautiful Denmark I continue working with hotels, restaurants and other hospitality establishments helping them improve their service & guests’ experience - so creating a better world of hospitality!


Outside of my work-life I am an incurable dog lover, obsessed with my two mix-breed trouble makers! Since my childhood I felt a close bond with the dogs and, growing with an awesome boxer, have turned me into an absolute “crazy dog lady”. I admire their loyalty, determination, ability to feel joy in ordinary moments or simplicity in expressing love. So much we humans could learn!
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