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Taman Ikan Emas, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I’m a student ;currently persuading degree in marketing plus also working as response team in order to support my fees,,well nothing about me ,,what’s great about me ,,I’m not a person who stick to a thing for prolonged period.For example the jobs that I have worked soo far.Ive been a projectionists in cinema,retailer,sandwich artist,auxiliary police officer,warehouse assistant,server,waiter,telesales officer and actually more to go.Even now I’m studying,working and on my way to open my own business.Well I would love to talk and mingle with people ,doesn’t matter they rich ,homeless,mentally ill ,as long their humans,I strongly believe in human potential where every human in the world is unique.They might have a special factor that only that person can do it.It may be small things such as flipping a pen in style or running 100meters in 9sec like Hussein bolt.All is unique.The only thing matters the recognition among the society.Furthermore throughout socializing with people I have gained a lot knowledges which I can’t find in any book or vlogs.This makes me unique coz I’m able to interact with different layers of people.As a future marketer this is a foundation for me to understand the society and easy access to estimate my target market.Party lover,sometimes I do love to get wild in club ,u know crazy stuffs creates moments.Super interested in cars infect I have my own proton wira sedan 1.5magma engine..kinda cruising vehicle..bought it from my dad..wanted create as family legacy.My personal interest would be Porsche ,,it is affordable obviously a second hand.Most preferably I wish to have boxter but cayenne look stunning most importantly cheap too.Some people may talk about the maintainance might shoot up.but who cares we live once and to overcome all those expenses I will workout .During that process forms a new way to make money ,business to be specific
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