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Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I am an author, speaker and coach who helps people discover their natural traits and coach them to realise their dream career. Knowing your hidden talents is key to a meaning career and a fulfilling life. The Career Aptitudes Psychometrics Assessment indicates your natural traits - personality, style, drive and abilities. Spare yourself the frustration of pursuing the wrong career just to be fired due to poor performance.

You deserve to be rewarded for what you do best NOT to be judged for not fitting into someone else capabilities. I run one-on-coaching and small group coaching sessions online as well as face-to-face. You can undergo the Certified International Professional Trainer or Certified International Professional Leader one-on-one. Upon completion you get to join our UK Network as well as Trailblazers International Panel of Trainers and Consultants.

What keeps me curious is the way the brain determines a person’s thinking patterns and how that influence a person’s decision and ultimately success in life. It’s always exciting to discover someone’s hidden strengths and take that person through the journey of achieving dreams one step at a time.

What keeps my adrenaline pumping is to raise the bar after breaking through the barriers.

My highest achievements had been to have developed my own coaching modules which received accreditation from Cambridge Global Learning UK. The latest feat is to have coached and certified 20 new corporate trainers and career coaches based on the latest modules.

In the weekends I enjoy swimming, dancing and palate to keep fit and plucks on the guitar to feed my soul.
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