Povilas Petrauskas on Character of a LeaderExecutive coach helping leaders create great tribes14 days ago
When your passion is your identity. You know you have it and still your job is to express it.

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Ingrida Gelminauskiene on Wise Leader vs. Smart ManagerBusiness Consultant | Slow Life Enthusiast | Inspiring New Beginningsabout 1 month ago
I want to find a way out of the conflict between business owners and people working for pay. The first states that it is impossible to find good ones. Second, complain unloved and low rated. In my opinion, one of the most important aspects is CORPORATE CULTURE. It’s a work environment, relationships. I’ve seen companies in depressed cultures where even great products don’t help move from the point of death. The organization is sick when there is fear; people cannot make decisions without asking their leader; everything in the company is structured and scripted. What to do? You can start by talking to people about how they feel. Or allow them to work in three directions: 1. What annoys them, hindets work, and what you need to eliminate from the organization. 2. What is good and what needs to be strengthened. 3. What new things to bring to improve the work environment, relationships, mood. Let the team start from a brainstorming session, but at the end of the process they need to come with a list of 10 points for each direction. The most important task for CEO or Business Owner will be to accept the list and execute it. Challenges lie ahead, but overcoming them will bring positive change. For person’s satisfaction sometimes is more important to see that Boss cares about you, than a one-time bonus. This affects good financial results. This has been proven by companies with high culture many times.
Lina Linkeviciute on Perfect Story for Your Company or Your BookTheatre Director [email protected] Paintings/Luxury Business Professional3 months ago
All my life, I have been surrounded by stories. When I was little, my mother created her own stories with my toys every night. When I got older, I was very lucky to have fantastic literature teacher who nurtured my love of reading and I read all the books from my school library. Afterwards, I studied theater directing and the most famous and classical stories have been the foundation of all artistic projects I have built. I later studied luxury marketing in France, where I have learned how storytelling is important to create unique and luxurious business models. That’s how I created the story for my own business called Timeless Paintings. In the last 7 years, I have been part of a private Parisian book club and continue to enjoying analysing the best stories. Once I even became a muse for the writer named Joe McMahon as he gave my name to his main character of his second book "The Fourth Stage ». He even asked my permission ! To be honest, my life is like a Big Story. However, the great storytellers know how to move from a realistic version to a higher level to impress their audience. Usually, they apply these 6 rules : https://medium.com/@Brian_G_Peters/6-rules-of-great-storytelling-as-told-by-pixar-fcc6ae225f50
I. He came from Hyberborea, without a name. In his way, it's said, with long steps he stumbled on a star. He took and take care of it: every day, he washed and rubbed it, until it's shell started to crack slowly and, while breaking, thunder and lighting flowed off it. Full of wonder and fear, the man ghater to pray and cried all night long. In the next few days, the man praised blessings upon his house and his good fortune, silently praying every hour in the morning. Every day was a patient wait for the night, for him, as the star came back to life and it's light was heavenly. As the time passed by, the man learned to sleep during the morning to stay awake at night: since then, he passed his evenings wandering through villages, strolling in countrysides and all of those dark, scary places for whom doesn't have a star in the pocket. People heard him approaching, because of a certain tinkle the star did when he took it out, like and eastern bell; seeing the light flooating here and there, all of the children calmed and everyone found peace in sleep, in which they dreamed dreams beyond their imagination. Generations passed away, centuries spent: everybody knew there was a man with a star, who brought wonder into the night. But no one knew who he was anymore.
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