Executive coach helping leaders create great tribes
Vilnius, Lithuania
I am lucky and proud father of three kids. Besides my family life I am focused on my professional life and business.

Since 2002 I am ALL IN self development industry. First eight years it was just my hobby and a leverage to reach results in corporate life. From 2010 I made another step to transform my hobby into business.

I am a professional certified ICF coach with a practice of 1000+ individual coaching sessions were I work with C-Level managers and team leaders.
My passion is to help them to create a higher level of partnership with their teams to reach results they desire.
As a Marshall Goldsmith certified Executive & Team Coach I use a special system and I can guarantee results for leadership growth.

My second passion is to build coaching culture in community. To reach that goal I am laser focused to train new coaches become real professionals.
So if someone wants to become one, to create a profitable business from that, to develop coaching as a habit & lifestyle in personal or/and professional life - I am here to serve.
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