Executive coach helping leaders create great tribes
Vilnius, Lithuania
I am lucky and proud father of three kids. Besides my family life I am focused on my professional life and business.

Since 2002 I am ALL IN self development industry. First eight years it was just my hobby and a leverage to reach results in corporate life. From 2010 I made another step to transform my hobby into business.

I am a professional certified ICF coach with a practice of 1000+ individual coaching sessions were I work with C-Level managers and team leaders.
My passion is to help them to create a higher level of partnership with their teams to reach results they desire.
As a Marshall Goldsmith certified Executive & Team Coach I use a special system and I can guarantee results for leadership growth.

My second passion is to build coaching culture in community. To reach that goal I am laser focused to train new coaches become real professionals.
So if someone wants to become one, to create a profitable business from that, to develop coaching as a habit & lifestyle in personal or/and professional life - I am here to serve.
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Povilas Petrauskas on Coaching dialoguesExecutive coach helping leaders create great tribesabout 1 month ago
This is John. I am very lucky that John is my coach. Yes, I am a coach myself and I am more than sure that every professional is successful in his own field because of several reasons. Sure it is lovely when others are saying that I am a successful coach. Here is the essence: success (good, great, bad etc) is the result of partnership with successful (first its about attitude) clients, same mindset coaches and my team members - all them are my partners. I am grateful that I know several of them and can serve them. One of my success reasons is John Serrao. John helps me a lot during our coaching dialogues (live in person ore through zoom). There is John’s merit that I am this kind of coach today. And after each conversation with John I am getting closer and closer to the coach I want to be. The level of this that kind of goal is getting higher each time and guess who is lifting it? Yes, John is lifting it all the time. Today I had a coaching conversation with John and it was hard to find the right words to express my self and name the situation that I was stuck in. I just wanted to be clear with topic is a priority for me: self realisation or relationship. Decision was made? We found the answer? Long story short - it was damn difficult. No kidding. Damn f***ing hard! Here what I found out: authenticity is the key. And here is the point: being authentic I can be uncomfortable for others, even awkward sometime. Even more than now? O maybe - finally? I am curious about it myself. This is how everything could turn when I have my own coaching sessions. This is who is John, my Coach. Yes, I pay him for his professional help and that kind of serving will cost me in the future (we still didn’t finished our year long coaching process and I already asked him to work with me one more year - it will be the 4th year in a row). Now more than ever I believe that people are getting better with the coach then without. I am getting better. For sure. (its ok that even very slowly - I hope I have some time) Does it resonate with you? Great, so who is your coach? #coaching #leadership #business  --- John Serrao is the top level coach (Master Certified Coach according the standarts of Internatianal Coaching Federation) from India. He is also the author of seminars, training programs, he is a keynote speaker in all other the world. Several times he was in delivering workshops in Lithuania. Last time - in a cozy meeting with other coaches. You can find more details in John’s LinkedIn profile or I suggest to talk with him in person. When? I am sure that you will find a way. And maybe sooner or later I will invite him in Lithuania again. Will you join? You are more than welcome.
Povilas Petrauskas on Coach mindset: hobby or businessExecutive coach helping leaders create great tribes
Edited about 2 months ago
It's a second insight about the last three actions that most unsuccessful coaches are doing and sometimes they are trying do more of those steps. Sadly - this takes them to the direction they don't want to go. Those steps are easy to do and that is why it's a trap. It takes courage to do it differently. But it is worth to try. Here are the rest three from UNLUCKY SEVEN. [5 - Skip coaching for yourself ] Its one of the points why most coaches (~88%) stays in the same situation when they started coaching training. They know the theory as there were a lot of examples, they are clear about the coaching conversation structure and sure they are really smart people who are willing to help others but... But if you don't have a coach for yourself so who will want to pay you? Sooner or later clients will ask this question: "Who is your coach? " So if you don't have your coach so maybe you don't believe in having one? [6 - Have small plans] If there are two types of coaches so they are rather dreaming/acting BIG or... eh, just the opposite. Just imagine that coach works with several clients and coach's passion is to help them succeed. All of them have the leverage for their dreams - coach. It will be funny to know that with client's dreams the coach has just small plans, right? Small plans leads different direction of what you started. And there are no way like this if the coach has his own coach [#5], focuses on new learnings [#4], have a team [#2] etc. [7 - Work alone as a STAR] Yes, you are big. But when big person is in a community - they all became great! Being with like minded people, together with those who has a needed mindset - everything is more easy and there are more passion to create. Those professionals who works alone they are fighting in the competition battle. Those who are a part of community - create something bigger while all the time sharing their knowledge and leadership. Its a way of not being just a lonely star. Its a way of leading by example. Just take a look at all those SEVEN principles (first 4 were in the previous insight) and find what exactly you are doing. If you can find one or two - its a sign for a change. If you can relate to three or more - i want to encourage you to change, to STOP do those easy things and your coaching business will begin to thrive.
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