Salary Consultant / Data Analysis
Vilnius, Lithuania
I am a Computer Science with Security and Forensics graduate, but currently broadening my perspective and skills in HR/Business consulting and data analysis fields.

My experience ranges from deep frying chicken at McDonald's and answering phones at the hospital reception, to math tutoring, overseeing IT projects, and organising country-wide analytical studies.

- jobs and salaries across the labour market
- pay gap, living wage and other statistical analysis
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10% donated to SOS gyvūnai, VšĮ
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Reviews from humans who have met with Povilas
Povilas can tell a lot of know-how's and is really observant. During our 15 minutes call he gave me a lot of tips and how to manage my current situation. Thank you!
Laurynas Jakutis
about 1 year ago
Puikiai pakalbėta! Tiesiai prie reikalų, konkrečiai ir be užuolankų.
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