Shaping better work environments
Auckland, New Zealand
I believe that life is too short to spend thousands of hours doing work with lack of purpose, growth and sense of achievement. I share stories, experiences and expertise so that organizations could build teams and communities where people are enabled to do great work and create value for their customers.

I help teams and organizations to achieve their goals and continuously improve by using teaching, facilitation, mentoring and coaching techniques.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve helped more than 10 organizations in various industries and sizes to improve their ways of organizing work that lead to better employee engagement, motivation and business outcomes.

I’m passionate about personal development and habit formation. I’ve failed and succeeded multiple times throughout the journey of shaping a better version of myself. There is no finish line for that, just a never ending learning.

Ex-Product Owner @Baltic Amadeus 🇱🇹
Ex-Agile Coach @Typeform 🇪🇸
Currently Agile Coach @Nomad8 🇳🇿
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