Best Nightlife Photographer in Malaysia, Founder of All is Amazing
Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I am the founder of All Is Amazing, which is a professional photography collective based in one of the South East Asias most vibrant city - Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). I lead a team of professional photographers, who come from different cultural backgrounds is a most prominent creative photography collective in music, entertainment and nightlife industry.
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Paulius Staniūnas on PhotographyBest Nightlife Photographer in Malaysia, Founder of All is Amazing3 months ago
Never underestimate the power of the diversification of your skills and business. Always try to see beyond your usual skill set, how it can be applied in different situations and can serve clients for the better. I’ll give you an example. My All Is Amazing brand venture. It’s a photography and videography company or as I call it - visual story telling brand. But, among the various types of photography my team and I do, I have diversified our skills to events, weddings and commercial branches. It helps me target specific clients easier, attract photographers with different skillsets and diversify business income sources. Oh yes, here is the photo from the recent H&M campaign for South East Asia, that All Is Amazing team did in Sumba island, Indonesia. Guess under which branch of business this creative assignment goes? ;) #allisamazing

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Paulius Staniūnas on Leading Team of CreativesBest Nightlife Photographer in Malaysia, Founder of All is Amazing3 months ago
I love reading short inspirational articles during short breaks. Here is one of those articles. It got me thinking and idea of second order consequences stuck with me. I’d love to share it with you now. Powerful But Simple Technique - What is second and third order consequences? In today's society, the notion of delaying gratification is essentially quaint. While instant gratification may make life easier, it doesn't necessarily make life, business, or our well being better. Second and third order consequences always deserve a seat at the table due to this one big reason.
1 Powerful But Simple Technique Ray Dalio Uses to Make Better Decisions
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