Psychologist, learning to live a simple happy life
Vilnius, Lithuania
A “Curious Mirror”, that is me. And I really love people.
I believe that to be happy you need to constantly stimulate your mind, body and heart.
That is why I love to discuss ideas (freedom, technology, gender, evolution, relationship, work-life balance, history, etc.) with no judgement in pursuit of better understanding and self-realization. From Socrates to J. B. Peterson and Y. N. Harari.
I explore my body by running ultra-marathons, exposing myself to nature Wim How style and meditating.
However, the I find the greatest pleasure in being in an honest, open and genuine contact with another human being. With as few assumptions as possible, no status and a healthy sense of humour.
What can you get from me?
Perspectives. Stories. Inspiration.    j
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