Entrepreneur, life hacker, CEO @ ChatMarketing, Digita1, GentleHair
Kaunas, Lithuania
My journey has started 13 years ago when I have built my first website and started my career as freelancer. Little did I know that my passion for all things digital would get me into e-commerce and would even bring me to Africa.

During the last 7 years I have started more than 10 online-focused businesses/projects. One of my major achievements were building an ecommerce company GentleHair that sold products to more than 100 countries, got more than 2mil. views on youtube and gained a big social media presence. In the meantime, I have lived in Denmark and Kenya, where I was running a marketing department of e-commerce store and learning from leading Danish and African tech investors and executives. Therefore, I am well aware of Sub-Saharan Africa’s and Nordic tech startup scene.

I am currently running two agencies. Already gone through a long and draining startup phase, we are proud of our unique positioning and amazing results we achieved in Baltic market. We have worked with major Lithuanian companies like Lithuanian Post, Bigbox, Technorama, Qoorio, Kauno Žalgiris, INVL, Flokati, Tele2 and more.

Being a deeply curious and philosophical person, I often occupy my mind with exploring the world of technology, psychology, science and existentialism. I love challenging new ideas and breaking down complex concepts.

Also a lover of Joe Rogan’s podcast, Valuetainment, Jordan Peterson, Lex Fridman podcast, Stoicism, MBTI, coaching, Depeche Mode and vegan food.

Jungian archetype: The Sage

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