Head of Growth at Startup Wise Guys | Founder at Prospect Labs | Ex Professional Footballer
Vilnius, Lithuania
I am the founder of Prospect Labs - a lead generation service for startups & SMBs.

I have been working as a sales consultant, advisor and public speaker for the past 6 years helping startup companies with all aspects of sales - from lead generation and marketing, to closing deals and customer service. I provide a clear step by step approach on how to set up your sales processes, recruit the right sales people and train them on how to feel comfortable on the phone to help scale your company through sales.

I have years of experience working with startups, accelerator programs, SMBs and large corporations to help create and successfully realise their sales strategies. A passion for communication and technology helped me to create a unique sales approach that combines setting achievable targets for the sales teams, training them on how to use the best software available and constantly testing new ideas to achieve the best results. I can also help you with outsourcing and train your freelance teams.
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