All about Balkans, human rights, democracy, geopolitics, eastern Europe
Vilnius, Lithuania
At the age of 16 Ive joined student movement against authoritarian regime in my country. Since then, Ive been a civil society activist for over 20 years, working with issues of human rights, democracy, social transformation and reconciliation. Originally from Balkans, I lived and worked in Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia... Currently Im stationed in Lithuania manging one of the biggest Swedish democracy funds for Eastern Europe.

If you are interested in politics, civil society, human rights, development coperation, conflict resolution or geopolitics of eastern Europe and Balkans, feel free to contact me. Ill be happy to share my insights.

Also, Im avid traveler and can give you a special insight into any of the Balkan countries and set you off the beaten path...

Frankly, Ive just recently learnt about this app and Im curious to see how it goes... Not interested in cash but people!
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