Nerijus Mačiulis on InvestingEconomist, investor, teacher, runner, diver.about 2 months ago
Very strong defense by Mr. Musk.

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Nerijus Mačiulis on InvestingEconomist, investor, teacher, runner, diver.20 days ago
It would have been the first church on S&P500

Martynas LapėTech, investing and being a generalist - hit me up!
Deleted the comment because I used a wrong name (Satoshi Nakamoto instead of Masayoshi Son)
Nerijus Mačiulis on InvestingEconomist, investor, teacher, runner, diver.28 days ago
Did you hear about the Neuralink? Scientists say it was just a show with no substance, no technological progress, no breakthroughs.
Elon Musk’s Neuralink is neuroscience theater – MIT Technology Review

Siavash Dehghan
The seed of the idea is enough for it to grow into reality
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Nerijus Mačiulis on InvestingEconomist, investor, teacher, runner, diver.2 months ago
A Comprehensive summary on how not only Tesla’s stock price but also Musk’s promises are disconnect from reality: “With the cost of making batteries stubbornly high, Tesla has relied on stock and bond markets, along with government subsidies, to keep afloat. The company earned a $16-million profit in the first quarter this year selling zero emission air pollution credits to other automakers. Musk cut worker pay and bonuses in this year’s second quarter, which will also help profits. Unable to count on making money from selling cars, Musk has relied on other strands to weave his growth narrative. Last year he predicted Tesla would have 1 million driverless robotaxis on the road by the end of 2020. Autonomous car experts were, to be kind, skeptical. With six months to go Musk has stopped tweeting about it. In 2017, he said Tesla would begin producing electric semi-trucks in 2019. Thus far there is no factory, and beyond a couple of prototypes, there are no trucks. Four years ago, he introduced a product called a solar roof — solar cells integrated into attractive roof tiles to generate electricity for the home. In July 2019, he tweeted Tesla was “spooling up production rapidly” to manufacture 1,000 roofs a week by the end of 2019. Apart from some prototype sites, a commercial product business does not exist, and the government-subsidized Buffalo, N.Y., factory where the roofs are supposed to be made has yet to spool. Early this month, he said, “we will have the basic functionality” for driverless cars that can roam on their own anywhere in the world — by the end of this year. He did not define “basic functionality.” No industry expert outside Tesla has expressed a belief the company is anywhere close to deploying driverless cars. In fact, a court in Munich, Germany, this month ruled Tesla misleads customers into believing the company’s Autopilot driver-assist technology is more capable than in fact it is. The court banned Tesla from including “full potential for self autonomous driving” and “Autopilot inclusive” in its German advertising. Korea officials are reportedly considering a similar move. Musk’s unfulfilled claims about Tesla are part of a broader pattern. Another Musk company, Neuralink, is developing computer chips to be implanted in human brains. Musk has said the chip will “solve” brain and spine injuries, and “address epilepsy,” too, in the “near term.” He’s released no data to support such claims, which remain theoretical. Publicly announced plans to build networks of transportation tunnels through Musk’s Boring Co. in Chicago, the Northeast Corridor and elsewhere have been abandoned. Boring Co. is finishing a project that will provide paid rides in Tesla cars through a 4,500-foot tunnel near the Las Vegas Strip.” Full article by Russ Mitchell:
Tesla's insane stock price makes sense in a market gone mad

Nerijus MačiulisEconomist, investor, teacher, runner, diver.
Mangirdas, look deeper into their Q2 report. Its revenues have been flat for almost 2 years, and all its profits came not from selling cars, but selling carbon emissions credits (and frontloading all of them into Q2). It is losing market share in almost all markets, it was its last chance to report profit, it’s over.
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