Just a simple guy without any tie, almost no one
While in Earth in this body, sometimes I still become and act as someone - just act, play some role of life for given situation, so I could move on.
I love to be all'One, but be as no one, at all - nameless, soundless, almost invisible.
I love just to BE... Easy and Free - in my mind as much, as in my body.
I love to feel and accept reality as it presents to me, while in the same time staying present within my self-being in true reality of this p(a)lace called Earth.

- Conscious Awareness
- Mindful Health
- Powerful Being
- Alternative/Natural Living

Life focus:
- Heal'Thy/Re-CreationALL Plants, Technology and Other Tools

Life's purpose:
- Sharing The Knowledge of Inner Truth and Inner Peace - Relaxation, Love and Joy of Truthful & Peaceful Life

"When I know where am I - I see what I do...
When I know who am I, I see what is being done." - Unknown Author
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