Member of Lithuanian Parliament
Vilnius, Lithuania
I'm a seasoned corporate strategy & investment consultant, who has turned to politics for many reasons. One, perhaps biggest out of them all, being a deep-seated wish to cover and solve certain social problems, which have been overlooked for a long period of time here in Lithuania. Whether it'd be suicide, violence prevention or child care, I think it's highly important to touch upon those on a national level, as opposed to ignoring these highly sensitive subjects as though they didn't exist.


It's not a pleasant, nor a widely talked about subject, yet many have lived through a similar situation. Remorse, deep sadness and a wish to somehow have changed the direction that has taken place are just some of the things that I myself have learned to live with. Back in 2016, I initiated a publishing of a no-name book, which tells stories of those who have undergone through an experience of losing someone close to them due to suicide.


I've left Lithuania straight after school, in order to pursue a less comfortable life. And yes, you've read that right. I wanted to challenge myself and see what it's like to lead a fully autonomous life. Having chosen Australia as the furthest possible option, I found myself a job as a cleaner in an Italian restaurant and eventually moved up the ladder, leading to a job at the bar and then - at one of the biggest real estate companies in the world.


Life's a curious thing. Unpleasant things happen rather often and it's only up to you to find a grain of goodness, an alternative perspective and a will to keep on going. Let's discuss various way of doing just that.


From a copy boy to a briefcase carrier, to landing a job at Barclays and becoming a guy that needed a briefcase carrier myself. Or what it's like to see zeros on the paper increasing, but feeling a deep lack of meaning.
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