CEO @Turing School
Vilnius, Lithuania
Now I am building future for tech creators, helping them explorer their skills. Why content based organization wins in a long term🤘

Over 8 years in education with extended knowledge IT and TECH sector.

Travelled to Romania and Finland to help evaluate & develop study programs.

Worked with WomenGoTech program, made a research on ICT labour market in Lithuania @Infobalt.

Worked with Nigerian market in @Digital Explorers program and developing education in CodeAcademy.

I have devoted few years to volunteery work, leading few youth NGOs in my home city: KTU Students’ Union & Kaunas Youth Round table.

Wondering around cities and new places is my week spot, we could share some travel destinations where to go? What to see? What to experience? I’ve just recently came back from Nigeria, have been to Palestine, maybe 5 times in Italy, lived in Brussels, 3 times in Romania. I dream to go to New Zealand and Chile!

- Eating in fasting over 6 months, highly recommended. If any question about this experience, we can discuss.
-No diets, just good old sports 2-3 per week. Few tips were to start cuz I had abandoned this area for a while
- Glute free, less meat, more plant based eating
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