Founder of Naked Bruce♥️, MM at💵
Vilnius, Lithuania
I have founded Naked Bruce back in 2013, after giving birth to my daughter and all of a sudden experiencing an increased sensitivity to a variety of materials, including polyester. After not being able to find any comfortable, yet stylish leggings, which wouldn’t cause any allergies, I have decided to create them myself, and the rest is history.
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5% donated to Jaunimo linija, VšĮ
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30 min

Ask me anything over a cup of coffee☕️
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Want to shop for clothes? Need any help?👀
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45 min

Breakfast at a cafe. No heavy topics, just love!♥️
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Lets go through your closet together💆🏼‍♀️
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Sharing life experience of being a single mom👩‍👧
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Ask me about International Clothing Trade Shows👘
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Going through a divorce? Been there, done that💍
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A little drink never killed nobody. Loosen up!🍸

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