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Disco Host @ Kūno kultūra / Co-owner @ Holy Affair
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Vilnius, Lithuania
Having secretly (or not so) cultivated a strong liking for music for a long period of time, I've eventually decided to apply for a job in radio, so I could do what I loved most: share great music with people that had a similar taste to mine. This has led to being a ZIP FM radio host for whole 5 years. During the last 10, I've worked as a creative, copywriter and a media project manager, until I finally decided to found an advertising agency of my own - Holy Affair. Widely unknown, yet highly effective - baking one great communication piece after another.
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100% donated to Sidabrinė Linija
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30 min

Pokalbiui apie dalykus
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1.5 h

Tavo prekės ženklo skrodimas
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Kūrybinė sesija
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30 min

Pletkas apie pramogų pasaulio žvaigždę
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Mėnesio muzikos TOP 10
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