Pharmacist, a listener
Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Im a Pharmacist by profession but i have a lot of interests. I like talking to patients, ensuring they know their medications well. Apart from the pharmacist routine jobs, i spend my time reading some books and news. I also often spend my time talking to friends and keeping up to date about our lives. Im a good listener since young. I always spend my time listening to friends in need and look for opportunities to help them if i can. My other interests include technology, for eg- computer diagnosis and such. I also have interest in the share market which is an area that i am still learning, and i believe i have a lot to learn still.

Overall my most joyous moments are when i am able to talk to new people, learn their life, share some problems and stories- and hope that my stories could be an inspiration for others in need.

I hope that meeting more people and inspiring them can help save someone who is probably in depression because- maybe they were bullied and is afraid to voice ot out, or have other personal problems which they are unable to tell close friends/family. I hope that i would be able to help them one way or another :)
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