Head of Marketing @ OXYGEN
Vilnius, Lithuania
Today the market is full of “gurus” who will tell you latest trends and how to grind/inspire/empower/ [insert any other buzzword] that doesn’t give results.

I am not here to BS you. Together we focus on your inputs and outputs. From average to great - without any silver bullets, meditation or nutrition techniques.

Usually people reach out to me personally via word-of-mouth recommendations but for those who haven’t heard about me, few paragraphs👇

From Cultural Anthropology to Silicon valley and Harvard Business School - that’s an attitude to learn more.

11 years of blood, sweat and tears that create hands-on leadership skills - that’s persistence to solve problems.
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45 min

Pick my 🤯 over ☕
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1.5 h

Brunch & Brainstorm🐣
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2 h

Exploring LOTR / GOT / Strategy & EURO boardgames
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1 h

Marketing strategy: from low-hangin 🍇to 🌒 shots.
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1 h

Hiring, firing, managing a high performance team🚀
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1 h

Performance / Kaizen: how to get 💩 done.
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