Miglė Galvonaitė on How to write a book?Writing Counselor and Gonzo Writer26 days ago
Join writing theraphy adventure “Writest”. For those who like to try or continue using writing magic to accept yourself and everything in the past, present & future.✨🙏🏼

Thomas DesimpelAngel Investor, Polyglot, Real Estate Investor
Writing Counselor...now that sounds like a great future profession🙂👌, but no kidding I fully agree: writing can indeed be fun/insightful/therapeutic/self-fulfilling at the same time...verba volant scripta manent as our Roman precedessors once said (or better wrote...) 😎. How did they manage by the way without Qoorio🤭?
23 days ago
Miglė GalvonaitėWriting Counselor and Gonzo Writer
Thomas Desimpel thank you so much for your kind words! Books and being in the right place & right time did some magic before the socials I think! ✨🐝
21 days ago

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Egle Dapkeviciute on Learn how to learncreator of geriprojektai.lt l seeker of creativity and deeper understanding4 months ago
IMPROVE READING. You can create little neural hooks to hang your thinking on, making reading an article, book, etc. easier to grasp: >> Take a "picture walk" through the article. >> Glance not only at the graphics, photos, but also headings, summary and even highlights/questions at the the end if the article has them. >> Read the article. You'll be surprised at how spending a minute or two glancing ahead before you read in depth will help you organise your thoughts. TIP: if you want it really stick! After you've finished the article - summarise it (write it down or tell it yourself). And if you be able to explain it to a 5-year-old (means as simply as possible), then you’ve really learned and understood it.
How to deal with uncertainty? As a founder, you are basically trading a life of certainty, in terms of having a conventional job, with a life of uncertainty, and whilst at times, this can feel exciting and liberating it can also feel rather stressful (most of the time, in my experience). Learning how to live comfortably in uncertainty is a great mental exercise and this is something I started to learn a few years ago. While studying uncertainty, I have stumbled upon “I Ching”. It is probably the oldest guide on how to deal with uncertainty. The classic Chinese text is also known as “The Book of Changes”. The dating of the earliest version of the “I Ching” goes back to probably 4,500 years ago. The “I Ching” has touched almost every aspect of Chinese thought — from philosophy to statecraft, from music to medicine, and from astronomy to painting, and that on account of that alone, it should be counted as one of the most influential books in the world. Most people think that the “I Ching” is a book of oracles or mystic mumbo jumbo, since one can interpret the 64 different hexagrams in very different ways. Those who use the “I Ching” ask: if life is affected in random and unpredictable ways, how should we think about handling such challenges? What is this book about? I see it as a game of imagination, possibilities, and also as a beautiful piece of art. Think of any question about your life or business. Get two random hexagrams from the book (by throwing coin six times). Read the first diagram (cast) - it is your current situation. Read the second diagram (transformed) - it is the simulation of your imagination of a new perspective of your problem. There are no lucky or unlucky hexagrams. They are just different perspectives on your question/situation. A nice essay by Will Buckingham, a philosopher, novelist, and Reader in Writing and Creativity at De Montfort University on his quest to understand the “I Ching”: https://aeon.co/essays/forget-prophecy-the-i-ching-is-an-uncertainty-machine And play the “I Ching” online: https://www.ichingonline.net What other methods of dealing with uncertainty do you use?
Forget prophecy: the I Ching is an uncertainty machine – Will Buckingham | Aeon Essays

Esther ChookPharmacist, Chinese Metaphysics & Health
That’s an amazing book ! That’s why I fell into the wisdom of metaphysics and now practicing them professionally !
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Lina Linkeviciute on Be Creative as Leonardo Da VinciTheatre Director [email protected] Paintings/Luxury Business Professional3 months ago
Justas Janauskas asked me: Lina, could you explain what is the mind mapping technique, why and when people should use it and share your story of how it benefited you? The story begun in my early years, when I refused to draw at school. I was offering my classmates compensation in return for making all my homework assignments that required drawing. Up to 33 years old, I was deeply convinced that drawing is entirely not my thing and there is no reason to even try improving these skills. Until the day I stumbled upon Mind Mapping. Whilst writing a book, one friend of mine told me that it helped him organize his ideas using computer. He shared so many instances when mind mapping may be instrumental, such as, *To remember things and never ever forget them *To organize and structure one’s ideas *To find creative solutions Also for: *Agenda organization *Oral presentation or meeting animation *Project management and development *Thesis or book writing *Brainstorming *Resolutions And so much more!!! I decided to take a special training course of 6 months in order to master Mind Mapping technique professionally. Once I entered the class with my beloved computer, the instructor told that we are not going to use computers and instead will be working on our Mind Maps by hands, by writing and drawing. Now I got myself in a trouble! And became the one who was protesting the most, because I don’t know how to draw !!!!! It started very BADLY ! First of all, my writing is just as horrible as drawing, so every time I would show my homework, the teacher would repeat that my work could be clearer and tidier !!! I was feeling like I was back in the primary school !!! Oh my God, what a shame !!! My motivation was very low and I wanted to abandon these stupid classes, becoming convinced even more that I was bad in writing and drawing and it was too late to change it ! I was already 33 years old !! Luckily my EGO received a BIG SIGNAL. I was browsing the book of Mind Mapping creator Tony Buzan and my attention was caught by his statement that it was Leonardo Da Vinci who was a father of Mind Maps, as he was perfect in blending drawing and writing. This is a way how he managed to go deep into subjects and to realize in 15-16th centuries that planes and cars were going to exist!!! It was by an amazing accident when after two weeks I went to the museum of Louvre, where a special exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci was hosted, and I noted several exclusive drawings. I LOOKED AT THESE DRAWINGS AND EXCLAIMED ‘EUREKA’ !!!!! IT WAS A BIG, SPECIAL MOMENT, I UDERSTOOD !!! I realized, that if I wanted to delve deeper into my mind I should write and draw !!!! It is the only way if we want to connect our logical knowledge with our imagination. Leonardo Da Vinci was perfect in physics, but he was perfect in imagination as well! That’s where the GENIUS MIND comes from!! It is when your RIGHT and LEFT part of BRAIN function at the same time !! This is the real power of Mind Mapping, produced by your hands, not by your computer!!! So I got a very huge wave of motivation, as the Genius from the past had proven it to me ! And when I started to train myself seriously, miracles started to happen. However I can not tell you all the interesting things now :) I would be happy to share my knowledge and experience during mind map sessions where I explain everything :) P.S. The Mind Map in the photo is from my early beginning :)
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