Miglė Andrulionytė on Consumer NeedsHead of Research @Tele2 // Consumers, Trends & Innovations4 months ago
When Spotify’s Discover Weekly is only next week, something scientific worth (perhaps) listening today. “Impressive suite of behavioral scientists have joined together to compile a playlist of over 5 hours of songs from a diverse range of genres that each exemplify the principles of behavioral science.” https://advanced-hindsight.com/blog/behavioral-science-playlist/
Introducing the Ultimate Behavioral Science Playlist - Center for Advanced Hindsight

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Miglė Andrulionytė on Consumer NeedsHead of Research @Tele2 // Consumers, Trends & Innovations4 months ago
NEW NORMAL? really? as I’m reading this “we are in a war”, “everything will be different”, “…perhaps forever” I also kiss & hug friends, drink my coffee at a same place I’ve been drinking for years, I small talk with my neighbours, and smile to shopping assistant who smiles back at me. masks hanging loose. I’m listening stories about travel plans. & I plan travelling myself. I watch people getting married. throwing crazy parties. laughing. no masks. touching things. touching face. washing hands. living life & enjoying summer. same old, same old. I don’t burn my books written prior to 2020. nor I shred my strategies & plans. it’s a pause. yes. a shift in our usualness. but who believes new normal. I don’t. do you? img: brett sayles

Mangirdas AdomaitisArtificial inteligence, Data science
People are created to adapt. I think we adapt faster than we think.
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How to get first active users to your empty platform? “In any marketplace, you inherently have two sides to solve. Two-sided businesses typically have a producer side and a consumer side. For this to work, both producers and consumers need to be on the platform. Platforms are initially ghost towns. Users (demand-side) see no value unless they see content from the producers (supply-side). Producers don’t contribute unless they see users consuming their content. Because of this, a ghost town continues to remain a ghost town. Since consumers are a carrot for the producers and vice versa, this problem is typically solved by providing an alternate bait to one of the sides. Once one side is seeded, it acts as a bait for the other side to come on board. Having faced this challenge while building their own startup, the aurhor did some digging on how to solve the content creation problem in the initial days, from apps that all of us admire (and secretly envy). Don’t give up because the beginnings are always the hardest. Here are some successful growth hacks of 17 of the world’s largest consumer apps, specifically content marketplaces.” Read more: https://medium.com/better-marketing/how-did-fast-growing-platforms-get-their-users-7412084d5aec Thanks to: Yannick Oswald
How Did Fast-Growing Platforms Get Their Users? | by Mayur Mundada | Better Marketing | Jun, 2020 | Medium

Tomas MaksimaviciusStartups
Also here you can find a lot of useful hacks: https://www.dothingsthatdontscale.com/
Berta Čaikauskaitė on Efficient communication: #1 baldnessTeam Leader of Berta& I Communications expert3 months ago
Let’s talk about money!💰They are inseparable part of our life - they can either let us fly or cage us. Either way we all need money and it is an obvious truth. In the modern world for us - modern consumers - money equals banks.🏦 And to deal with banks most of the time is quite a challenge. The finance sector has faced a variety of challenges in the last few years and it looks like current and future customers will not allow for any relaxing going forward. We, the consumers, demand that increasingly more options be made available to us. We are looking for solutions which are highly personalised from channels we select ourselves and, of course, at the best price. Nevertheless, despite the development of various innovative solutions, a human touch remains important when it comes to our financial service providers. Yes, gadgets are important, but we would like to talk with a “live” person who can evaluate our personal needs. Trust and reliability are always number one when aiming to manage the financial service orchestra and to satisfy the customer.

Marius ČiuželisInvestor / Advisor / Social Entrepreneur
Berta, excellent! Would u like to share with the name of that wonder?
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