Miglė Andrulionytė on Advertising ResearchHead of Research @Tele2 // Consumers, Trends & Innovations
// mainstream marketing // safe? absolutely. works? to some extent. memorable? hell no.

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B.a.b.y Farm Stock Market ResearchIndependent Investment Consultant
Analysing #miningstocks is not as hard as it may seem. Check out this tool to help you start #investing in precious metals (gold, silver, platinum) stocks. https://youtu.be/cu8Bdicyei4
How to Analyse Gold & Silver Mining Stocks (SPREADSHEET!)
Rūta Dapkūnaitė on Design researchDevelopment&UX/user researcher;applied anthropologist;project&case manager
Just wanted to share this thought by Tom Peters: “the dumbest mistake is viewing design as something you do at the end of the process to ‘tidy up’ the mess, as opposed to understanding it’s a ‘day one’ issue and part of everything”. I have noticed that in Lithuania exist kind of issue as new business owners want everything to be “here and now” and sometimes the quality leaves behind as UX and design thinking first should be incorporated at the beginning into the product/service! What are your thoughts and experience?
Dominykas Rimša on User researchProduct & UX Designer
User interviews can be a great way to get qualitative insight about your product or idea. However to make the most of it it takes practice and an ability to ask the right questions in the right way. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned vet or just starting with user interviews, this cheat sheet is a great resource to keep handy when prepping to talk with your users. It will help you understand how to structure and ask better questions.
A Cheatsheet for User Interview and Follow Ups Questions by Stéphanie Walter - UX designer & Mobile Expert.
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