Head of Research @Tele2 // Consumers, Trends & Innovations
Vilnius, Lithuania

So you are bored. Or perhaps just looking. Maybe for something amusing. Maybe for someone interesting. Nothing in particular. BUT you’re not sure what to say. Should it be online? - you’re pondering, - or a coffee? What’s with the walking the dog? You love dogs, of course. Still… you feel *you* should be paid for doing that. Walking is good though, you won’t choke on a piece of salad. Eh, maybe next time.

That’s me. Thinking & overthinking. Human-ly. Like so many of us.

Want to talk about nothing in particular? Why not! Want to know more about trends & weird new stuff? Let’s talk. 


After tons of failed experiments & countless successful projects across many industries, I still can’t say I know much about research. But with 10+ years of experience & 6+ years of studies, I can humbly call myself... well, decently skilled 😌 and not so humbly - insanely curious.
A combination that allows me to test crazy ideas, go against the grain, have fun & bring back sound business insights.


I am immersed in books. What kind of books, you’d ask? For years I crunched business publications. But I got so tired of people making a 300p book out of thin air, that I’m working on my fiction list & enjoying it.

I’m interested in:
# fungi & wellbeing
# storytelling & Jung archetypes
# stereotypes & bias
# feminism & diversity
# present & future

oh, and I don’t watch tv-shows. I try and I fail every single time 📺

img © Uran & Prakhar Neel Sharma
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Miglė Andrulionytė on Kick-off with Consumer TrendsHead of Research @Tele2 // Consumers, Trends & InnovationsSome time ago
3 stiprios prognozės ateičiai per vos aštuonias minutes. tiek truko Cannes Lions Live pranešimas apie digital storytelling renesansą, kurio klausydama linksėjau galva ir sakiau taip, taip, taip. abu galime būti neteisūs, bet žiūrėdama iš savo kampo (žmonės & trend’ai), negaliu nesutikti su AR/VR reklamų inovacijų galva ir virtualios realybės pionieriumi Tony Parisi. prognozė #1. papildytos ir virtualios realybės naudojimas per ateinančius 5 metus patupdys brand’ą tarp TOP25%. dėl tų procentų aš susilaikysiu, bet dar sausį esu dalinusis įžvalgomis, jog brand’ai, kurie lįs į skaitmenines erdves ir kurs savo istorijas naudodami CGI (computer-generated imagery) turės labai didelį klientų įsitraukimą. prognozė #2. fizinės parduotuvės neišnyks. iki 2030 jos taps show-rooms'ais, upsell’o bei produktų pristatymo vietomis. parduotuvė taps reklamos erdve su neribota pasiūla 3D formatu. taip, žinau. mūsų klientai irgi sako, kad jiems reikia pačiupinėti & pasitarti, pažiūrėti kokia ten ta tikroji 11 iPhone’o spalva. AR/VR gali tai pakeisti. prognozė #3. 50% dalyvių dalyvaus renginiuose virtualiai. koncertuose, sporto varžybose, konferencijose; o skaitmeninės salės bus dar viena marketingo platforma. pastarųjų mėnesių patirtys rodo, kad taip tikrai gali nutikti. ir tam reikia ruoštis. nuotrauka: fortnite x travis scott koncertas, kurį stebėjo ‘tik’ 12mln žiūrovų =)


Miglė AndrulionytėHead of Research @Tele2 // Consumers, Trends & Innovations
ne visai visas, rašo kelios “will be turned into experience centers”. tuo tarpu kampanija "Today at Apple" Brings New Experiences to Every Apple Store, vis dar 500+ parduotuvių. brand’ai kaip Rei, Vans, Chanel keičia fizinių parduotuvių koncepcijas, o pvz TOMS’ 100e pardavimo taškų sustatė VR headsets, kad galėtų “virtually transport customers to Peru to see the impact of their One for One giving campaign on local people.” Tad aišku, dalis užsidarys, dalis persiformuos.
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Miglė Andrulionytė on The Qoorious CoffeeHead of Research @Tele2 // Consumers, Trends & InnovationsSome time ago
when I first came across “This Human” book, I couldn’t wait to get it my hands. beautiful & warm & enlightening. now its author, a pioneer in human-center design, Dr. Melis Senova is offering her deep dive course about the hidden impact of our beliefs. what to expect: a lot of worksheets, writing, self-reflection. and her voice is so meditative. it’s free untill the end of June, so don’t wait. https://www.thishuman.com/
This Human book


Gabija GrušaitėAuthor of Stasys Šaltoka, Co-Founder of Qoorio & Vieta
💚 Great recommendation!
Miglė Andrulionytė on Consumer SegmentationHead of Research @Tele2 // Consumers, Trends & InnovationsSome time ago
Stunningly beautiful creative segmentation. What’s your type? https://www.behance.net/99u#prints
Adobe 99U Conference 2020

Miglė Andrulionytė on Consumer NeedsHead of Research @Tele2 // Consumers, Trends & InnovationsSome time ago
NEW NORMAL? really? as I’m reading this “we are in a war”, “everything will be different”, “…perhaps forever” I also kiss & hug friends, drink my coffee at a same place I’ve been drinking for years, I small talk with my neighbours, and smile to shopping assistant who smiles back at me. masks hanging loose. I’m listening stories about travel plans. & I plan travelling myself. I watch people getting married. throwing crazy parties. laughing. no masks. touching things. touching face. washing hands. living life & enjoying summer. same old, same old. I don’t burn my books written prior to 2020. nor I shred my strategies & plans. it’s a pause. yes. a shift in our usualness. but who believes new normal. I don’t. do you? img: brett sayles


Mangirdas AdomaitisArtificial inteligence, Data science
People are created to adapt. I think we adapt faster than we think.
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Miglė Andrulionytė on Consumer NeedsHead of Research @Tele2 // Consumers, Trends & InnovationsSome time ago
When Spotify’s Discover Weekly is only next week, something scientific worth (perhaps) listening today. “Impressive suite of behavioral scientists have joined together to compile a playlist of over 5 hours of songs from a diverse range of genres that each exemplify the principles of behavioral science.” https://advanced-hindsight.com/blog/behavioral-science-playlist/
Introducing the Ultimate Behavioral Science Playlist - Center for Advanced Hindsight

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