Head of Research @Tele2 // Consumers, Trends & Innovations
Vilnius, Lithuania
So you are bored. Or perhaps just looking. Maybe for something amusing. Maybe for someone interesting. Nothing in particular. BUT you’re not sure what to say. Should it be online? - you’re pondering, - or a coffee? What’s with the walking the dog? You love dogs, of course. Still… you feel *you* should be paid for doing that. Walking is good though, you won’t choke on a piece of salad. Eh, maybe next time.

That’s me. Thinking & overthinking. Human-ly. Like so many of us.

Want to talk about nothing in particular? Why not! Want to know more about trends & weird new stuff? Let’s talk. 


After tons of failed experiments & countless successful projects across many industries, I still can’t say I know much about research. But with 10+ years of experience & 6+ years of studies, I can humbly call myself... well, decently skilled 😌 and not so humbly - insanely curious.
A combination that allows me to test crazy ideas, go against the grain, have fun & bring back sound business insights.


I am immersed in books. What kind of books, you’d ask? For years I crunched business publications. But I got so tired of people making a 300p book out of thin air, that I’m working on my fiction list & enjoying it.

I’m interested in:
# fungi & wellbeing
# storytelling & Jung archetypes
# stereotypes & bias
# feminism & diversity
# present & future

oh, and I don’t watch tv-shows. I try and I fail every single time 📺

img © Uran & Prakhar Neel Sharma
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