Vilnius, Lithuania
my fist job was in the Hotel back in 1994 as apprentice cook. I grew up working my way up to asExecutive chef of 300 rooms property, which was my first Executive chef job in 2005. I continued my path working in various hotel chains like: Reval Hotels, Marriott International, Swissotel etc.

I opened my first restaurant in 2001 in Klaipeda, Lithuania and its concept was Mexican Reality.
In 2012 I opened my first real Steakhouse in Vilnius, the Böff. The Town, Vilnius in 2014. Buceris Bistro, Vilnius 2015. Caesar Bar & Grill, Vilnius 2016.
Buceris & Caesar, Panorama Vilnius 2018.

What comes to Concepts I do create them in writing, to assist others to understand it and perform in a highest manner. Concept to me should be functional and well identified.

Having managed to open and maintain all my restaurants, and previous job position, I am the Coach who leads by example and teaches techniques and methods that are basic and above.

My training style is divided to 4 stages. S.F.N.P
Creating basics for each team is my method which creates mode, 1 step back, 2 step further. Repeating daily basis tasks that are essential to keep work flow.

Beef is my Passion, what comes to a Meat, please respect.. for last decade I have been importing, selling and preparing cuts that are present almost in any high class Steakhouses around the world.
Knowing cattle’s, breeds and its cuts, I can make sure you get right your steak, and other meat dishes.

Contact me for any above mentioned themes to get best assistance fir your future business. Flexibility is the key to what I do, and every person is unique its own way, so I do take it concederation.
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