Freelance communication expert, stepmom, horse-rider and cat lover
Vilnius, Lithuania
My work: Lithuania 100 logo, branding and communication.

From this I moved on to working in the private sector; for a brief period I worked with ICOs and then transitioned to a full-time freelancer.

What I know best:
- communication and marketing strategy
- social media communication
- writing a good Whitepaper
- copywriting (social, web, PR, feature articles, slogans)
- creating your unique brand voice and image
- communication consulting
And much more.

Let's talk parenting.

I found myself in a relationship that involved four, not two - my partner came with two kids from his previous marriage. So the four of us have been on quite a journey - from getting to know each other to becoming a true family, with all of its ups and downs. Being a stepmom is a unique experience, uncomparable to anything else, and I've been sharing my insights for 5 years now. I'm happy that many find them useful and reach out to me saying that I've helped them cope in some way.
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