CEO at Emoti Group
Vilnius, Lithuania
I started online and went offline. Perhaps not a phrase commonly heard in the retail world. For the past 10 years I have been dedicated to transforming the culture of gifting “stuff” and providing people with a better, more creative alternative - gifting each other fun memories and experiences. I truly want to see people being able to give and receive unforgettable experiences that are unique, sometimes even life changing and nowhere near comparable to material goods.

What started as an e-commerce business it is now a Group of companies all working under one umbrella and delivering high quality, exciting experiences in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland.

I might be the CEO of Emoti Group, but my role is only possible with the help of my lean and passionate team. We are all united by one goal - to delight our customers, provide significant volumes of incremental business to our suppliers and have fun while working in a progressive environment. To me it is the people that make the biggest contribution to any success story and this is how I approach leadership, ensuring I look after my team and continue to create a great atmosphere for everybody.

Together with my team of gift experts, we are shifting the gift giving culture by bringing a little bit of fun to people who are looking for something unconventional when it comes to gifting.

We are current market leaders in the region (Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland) with a biggest net of our own stores (>55) and countless presence in retailer locations, as well as dedicated e-commerce platforms for experiences:

Our Group, Emoti, is always looking for opportunities where we can bring more memorable first-times to the local public. If you have something in mind let’s connect!
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