MIT architecture, online seminary
Boston, MA, USA
When I was looking for a college I had found one that checked all of the boxes I was looking for. Columbia. Three days before the early application deadline I was visiting Harvard and MIT and I was overwhelmed with the most distinct feeling I had ever experienced; I felt convinced that there was a specific reason I had to go to MIT. After a few days of trying my hardest to shake it, I dropped everything and applied. My first semester here I ran from that. I felt dead after those three months, and I had no reason to. I came back in the spring and tried to reconnect with my faith that had brought me here in the first place. Since then I’ve been involved with a few of MIT’s campus ministries, several churches in the area, and I decided over the summer that I would begin taking archived seminary classes online. After all, I had told myself I was in academics for the glory of God but what skills had I applied from those disciplines to my relationship with God? I could talk for hours as to what I’ve seen God do here myself and what I’ve learned about him through my pursuits, it’s been an amazing time
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