Permanent Representative of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania to the European Union
Vilnius, Lithuania

I am geopolitical strategist who specializes in EU, Russian and Central Asia politics, demographics and security. I analyze the realities of geography and populations to deepen the understanding of how global politics impact politics, markets and economic trends.

Politics is one of the most complex forms of art and science, so it takes years of practice and experience to know and understand everything that's happening. I am a Permanent Representative of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania to the European Union, working to develop and strengthen the relationship and co-operation of the Seimas and European Union institutions. I am also a columnist for Lithuanian National Radio and Television because I truly believe that all people should have at least basic knowledge of politics and current situation in the world so that they could make conscious decisions that improve the well-being of the world.

Non-fiction book lover.
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