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Martynas Lapė on Being a GeneralistTech, investing and being a generalist - hit me up!9 days ago
Martynas, what are the troubles of being a generalist?
Asked by Justas Janauskas
-- Thanks to Justinas for the question! There are definitely many, but I would emphasize prioritization. Being a generalist is emancipating, you get to experience a set of problems or solutions from a variety of angles. But there are also troubling parts that inhibit productivity of a generalist. It's really easy for a generalist to pick up new ideas, ventures and place high priority on all of them. But there is low chance you'd be able to prioritize everything highly. And if one does - more likely to burn out over longer period.
Martynas LapėTech, investing and being a generalist - hit me up!10 days ago
Hitting tiny roadblocks. What do you whenever dealing with road blocking moments? This week, I tried to explore ways how to continue driving user traffic into an internal platform at my company. People didn't use the platform like they wanted. Sat down with the team and a select target users within the company, and asked them for help. Everything went well, found more ways how to improve the product's functionality but I missed the simplicity in user interaction aspect there. Then, I thought I need to make a quick tweak - I asked a few colleagues to take a gander at the product whenever they are free. I loved how different the feedback was from the target users, Simple and straightforward. Thought that it may be wise to share that with them and the team. Hell yeah, they loved it. Seems like we made a shitty one, and will be working on refining it.
Martynas LapėTech, investing and being a generalist - hit me up!13 days ago
Hey everyone, What's your natural response when someone challenges your opinion? Couple weeks ago, had a wonderful discussion with the team. All of us had radically different takes on a specific solution to a user problem yet productive enough to reach a consensus in one sit. I tried to do that with people I rarely work with. Sat down, sip of that lethal dose of caffeine, and we're in a heated conversation (professional though). People do not seem to resolute different takes on a simple problem, and some consider an escalation to the higher ups. Concluded with the need to take a step back, recollect our thoughts and have another meeting. And it all started when one person challenged another's deliberate take. Different mindsets, different attitudes congrue different characters, I guess. Next meeting - went smooth, no problems whatsoever. In fact, we had reached a consensus at a breakneck speed. Crazy how different people react to challenges, and, if willing to accept them, take a step back and pivot their attitude.

Andrew Lim Mao TungWindows System Admin with a passion to motivate and likes Technology.
A leader must know and master the topic well, and have a clear goal to solve a particular issue, if not you will drift away when someone challenge or give unrelated ideas, hence making a project delayed and solutions given night not work, due to the given idea might not be applicable to this situations.
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Martynas LapėTech, investing and being a generalist - hit me up!
Edited 15 days ago
I'm currently working at a multinational logistics company. While my role highlights analytical duties, it's been almost a year since I am mainly responsible for product management within my department. I still do analytics-heavy tasks, but I do not shy away from design thinking, testing and understanding target user needs. And I love it. Being a generalist, working with different departments to drive results make my day way better. If you love working across multiple departments or love putting yourself in uncomfortable situations while at work or personal life - connect with me as I venture on lengthy note jots, shed light on the bright and dark sides of generalists like me.
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