CEO and Founder at Cask 215, Foodie, Chef, Gastronomist and Bearer of Happi
Šiauliai, Lithuania

I always loved to eat delicious food (who doesn't?), so instead of waiting for new and refreshing gastropubs and restaurants to open in Šiauliai, I decided to step up and do it myself. That's how Cask 215 was born. Since the opening, I spend most of my life thinking about new ideas and ways to improve my pub. It is my goal to bring people happiness through food, and I am proud of it as long as people leave Cask 215 with satisfied tummies.
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Tomas Miežanskas11 months ago
It was very good conversation, I am thankful for this app. I got a lot good information and I very recommend for all people who wants to get more information about cooking and similar knowledge.
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