Just another regular guy who likes to paint. Creator of Pofick
Los Angeles, CA, USA
“Martynas Ivinskas is not very concerned about form or the tools. This artist – which we can call a true
libertarian of the art world – uses any means available at the given moment to create his art. This way
the art was born on the jute coffee bags, on city maps – musicians and musical instruments who
repeat, articulate and highlight the lines only seen by the artist, the streets of the cities we can one can
lose himself. In addition to that he creates objects which are something between a sculpture, collage, a
painting or a household item. To the beholder he offers an array of randomly scattered items, the fragmented reality. It is an organized chaos, objectified in his own, unique way. A sort of ‘pofick’ (translates literally to ‘whatever’).”
Paulius Garbaciauskas
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