LGBT ✓ Communication ✓ Critical thinking ✓ Environment
Vilnius, Lithuania

1. In LGBT rights movement for a decade now, therefore I know the history and current affairs.
2. Was running for the seat in the national parliament: did not win but was raised from 78th to 22nd position on the list. One of the highest jumps that year!
3. Chaired a Human Rights Committee in a liberal party, active supporter for social causes.
4. Working in communication for 5 years: have broad experience - in an NGO, a PR agency, and governmental institution.
5. Leading PR in the Ministry of Environment so the issues and achievements of the sector are my cookies.
6. Have great critical thinking and empathy skills, love evaluating ideas, projects. Or can simply discuss your plans.
7. Languages! I love sharing them, so practice your Lithuanian with me.
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