Reviews from humans who have met with Marius Čiuželis
Yannick Oswald
4 months ago
Great to chat with Marius. I can only recommend to engage with him. Special human with exciting insights and story
Lina Linkeviciute
6 months ago
Very effective exchange with Marius and his team members in order to prepare the base for the future storytelling tools. It was a pleasure to share a few innovative ideas and to have a positive reaction. To sum up : « The more you give, the more you get » !!!
Lina Linkeviciute
6 months ago
Very rich exchange with Marius. So happy to learn and to hear about the backstage of his wonderful social project Sidabrine Linija. Much more happy to share my knowledge and experience about storytelling, which is so important in his activity!
Thank you! It was an informative and full of knowledge sharing meeting!
Gabija Grušaitė
7 months ago
Marius has very interesting ideas. I admire his passion and ability to make them happen. It requires extraordinary strengh to do projects with social impact and not to loose focus. Such an inspiration conversation!
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