Marius Čiuželis on Sidabrinė linija (the Silver Line)Investor / Advisor / Social Entrepreneur4 months ago
What would you choose: 1) investing FOR impact? 2) investing WITH impact? The first option focuses primarily on positive social impact with a range of intention for or without financial return, while the second one has impact as a secondary objective, subject to the achievement of a financial return. I do understand we in Lithuania still have a rare luxury to invest for social impact only. It is not because of the lack of HNWIs and their motivation to share their fortune for the “bigger good” but also because of the vast majority of social entrepreneurs still do their projects betting on grants only with formal or even non-existing [real] accountability. And we are trapped: donors rarely request that accountability, as trust dominates, grant receivers have no intention to make an extra mile showing and/or proving their impact achieved as their projects last for the grant period.

Mangirdas AdomaitisArtificial inteligence, Data science
2) investing WITH impact. I do agree most FOR impact investments unfortunatelly fails.. Actually i cant remember big FOR imact investment successes at all. Marius Čiuželis what are best successes?
4 months ago
Marius ČiuželisInvestor / Advisor / Social Entrepreneur
Mangirdas, I’m very biased and will always point to one: it’s SIDABRINE LINIJA. It’s a social or philanthropy project aiming exclusively ONLY for social impact: to offer elderly people free of charge regular befriending calls, protect, support and empower those who suffer abuse and neglect, provide them with information, friendship and advise, clear the air for the good mood and a better health. It doesnt recycle capital or offer any financial return and lives on grants/donations only.
4 months ago

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Marius Čiuželis on Sidabrinė linija (the Silver Line)Investor / Advisor / Social Entrepreneur3 days ago
Philanthropy is a buyers’ market, and nonprofit leaders are seldom in a position to negotiate aggressively with potential donors. On the contrary, the selection process is (and feels) quite one sided, as though potential grantees are participating in a beauty contest in which the only imperative is to please the judges. So, for better or worse, the views of an individual donor (especially a very large one) can strongly influence grantee behavior. Often this influence will take the form of tweaks to an existing program, or the addition of a new activity, more or less aligned with the nonprofit’s existing strategy, about which a leading donor is enthusiastic. When such an intervention is supported on the donor’s part by deep knowledge of the field, it can provide helpful input to the grantee’s strategy. Friday has started with an email from the Ministry of Social Affairs: We would like to inform you your project was reviewed by our experts, it met all requirements and we would like to offer you to sign financing agreement. That means M. Čiuželio labdaros ir paramos fondas (M. Ciuzelis Charity Foundation) won the biggest in its 5 years history financing tender for Sidabrinė linija (the Silver Line) - a free of charge be-friending and support helpline providing information, friendship and advise for the old age people. Without any further conditions, the way we presented and wished to implement our project. The day just couldn’t be any better. Thank you

Ronaldas BuožisCinematography, tech and boats
When you celebrate your birthday, how you behave: are you expecting gifts or rather send them yourselves to your friends, partners, relatives - everyone who followed (and still follows) you through your life journey? At Sidabrine linija we celebrate sending our gratitudes to everyone who shares the same mission or passion or just an idea to help elderly live longer, healthier, better lives. We will celebrate our forth anniversary next week. With 600+ friends. And our small gifts to all of them are under way already.
Marius Čiuželis on Sidabrinė linija (the Silver Line)Investor / Advisor / Social Entrepreneur4 months ago
A subtle shift from “against” to “for” is enormously powerful. Gandhi famously spoke of this in his talks and writings: “It’s not that I’m against British rule. It’s that I am for Indian independence.” When we are clear that our goal is for something, we stop moving away from something negative and start moving toward something positive. This kind of movement has a whole different quality to it—a quality of gentleness, generosity, and light. At Sidabrine linija we do not fight old age people loneliness (we are not “against” it) but rather offer them a friend to talk to, an emotional support when needed and that helps to create a huge positive impact in their daily lives.
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