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Wildlife Photographer & Ornithologist
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Vilnius, Lithuania
Having graduated from ornithology, I've gone to establish a career in this particular field but as it often happens in life, had to change the course of it and switch to something more profitable, which just happened to be metal supply business. However, the enthusiasm for ornithology has stayed and in time it turned into a serious hobby, which combined two of my greatest passions: photography and animal watching, in particular the observation of birds. In recent years this hobby of mine acquired a shape of two published books as well as a photo blog, where I feature my stories and captures of my wildlife adventures.

If you're simply looking to know what it's like - to lay on the ice-cold ground for 3 whole hours during winter and wait for that spectacular little hazel grouse to appear for you to take a single photograph - I'd be glad to share all of my stories.
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Let's talk about wildlife & photography
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