Getting ready for exams DOES NOT have to be stressful! 📝 To all my fellow schoolers, having a schedule and some sort of a plan is definitely a way to go. For example, I have created a personal studying calendar and for the first time I actually made it myself - pen on paper. 📝 Sometimes we can get lost in all the different apps and (ironically) get ourselves in a chaotic mindset. Having written everything down on paper, now i know what tasks I have to do and what I need to learn or revise. 📝 Sometimes we just have to go back to the basics :)

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Sometimes even the closest relationships require a break... Just kidding, today's insight is not going to be super serious. Let's talk about followers. 📳 Yesterday I decided it was time to rethink who I was following and what impact instagram was doing to my life. As I said, nothing dramatic, just essential to a conscious content consumption! 📳 Usually I would look at who I was following from time to time and make minimal changes. But this time I knew I had to start from scratch - and I did. By unfollowing every single one of the accounts that I've been a follower of (roughly around 850 people). 📳 The only thing I asked my friends is to not take it personally. I am sure that I will follow a looot of people back after exams and when I have a better understanding of how and for what to use social media. But.. why did I do it in the first place? 📳 There was a time where I followed more than 1k, and the content flow was crazy. Now I got used to seeing 2-3% of the people I follow and that is weird. - I am still a believer that social media in itself is not bad. Usually it's our decisions that create the consequences. For example, if you feel self-conscious about your body and blame it on seeing instagram models in your feed all the time, does it make sense to even follow them? 📳 All I want is to surround myself with curious, intelligent, creative individuals and follow informative and trustworthy media accounts and projects. 📳 And a goal like this sometimes requires starting from zero.

Paulina Sofija NalivaikaitėCopywriter
Although not so dramatically, I also did a massive unfollow on Instagram half a year ago. I realised that I shouldn't follow people who induce my (subconscious) jealousy for them living 'better' or 'more interesting' lives while we know a lot of fake lies there. If content makes me feel jealous, insufficient, not 'beautiful' or 'rich' (or whatever) enough, it doesn't deserve a place in my feed. I'm still following ~45 accounts. That's my family, my friends, a few humor accounts, and quite a lot of animal pages, as they bring a smile on my face. 🐈🐨🦉
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These days, when the media world is filled with discussions about #BLM, news about the pandemic and other upsetting stories, it can seem silly to talk about body image and mental health, but it is a conversation I want to have with all of you. . I love social media for creativity and inspiration and I have always been a believer that you have somewhat of a control in what you follow & that means that you can't complain if facebook or instagram makes you feel like crap. . But when I started to judge myself while looking at a mirror, notice every forming wrinkle (at the age of 18!) and every strech mark, I realised I had fallen into the influencer trap. . That's why I was just so happy to find Danae's profile on Instagram. . Having uploaded numerous posts of tricks that influencers use to manipulate their bodies, this woman once and for all helped me understand that social media shouldn't be used only for showcasing the highlights of our life. As more and more people are showing their true selves, I am becoming less harsh on myself, because I accept that we're all flawed and that is freaking beautiful.
Inner reflection time. • We like to control things. We like to plan things out to think that we have everything under control. We like to think that people who choose to be with us will continue to be there tomorrow and the day after that. I used to be this person and quite honestly, still sometimes feel this way. What changed? • During this year I think I've finaly realised that a lot cannot be controlled. For example, we start relationships and friendships voluntarily but still face difficulties when it is time to end that partnership. It is especially hard when you still love eachother. But it is just essential to learn how to be on your own. No friendship or relationship can be healthy if it's built between people who are not content with themselves. • Even though quarantine related topics are slowly becoming cliche, but I believe it is safe to say that it taught us a great lesson on how to let things go. Expectations, travel plans, maybe even certain people. We had more time to ourselves -- time to reflect, learn. • What are the things that you still fight to let go of? Things that you know are toxic, but hard to say goodbye to.
#blacklivesmatter is a crucial movement in history. Even though it can be difficult to talk about topics regarding rasicm (even though it is something that people of color have been dealing with for centuries) we all HAVE TO do our best. We need to educate ourselves and teach others about the struggles and the cruelty. This is very important. .
A Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Explains Why This Time Is Different
I can be a master of procrastination. Even if going though my senior year of high-school, I managed to work at Qoorio and move out of my parents' home, pushing important tasks away for one episode of Suits still happens from time to time. 🌳 Forest is one of million apps that I've tried to overcome this procrastination devil and I think it is of the most effective ones for me. Your goal is to set up a time that you will be completely focused and let your trees grow. After some time you can analyse your results, take pride in your forest and know exactly where all your precious time went. 🌳 No, Forest in not sponsoring this post. Jokes aside, highly recommend this free, yet amazing tool!
Lina Linkeviciute on Be Creative as Leonardo Da VinciTheatre Director [email protected] Paintings/Luxury Business Professional10 days ago
How did decorative handwriting rewrite Steve Jobs' Life? The biggest paradox is that the genius of technology who created a super aesthetic electronic devices mastered calligraphy himself and used it during his whole life. Steve Jobs was studying in Reed College offered the best calligraphy instruction in the country at the time. He learned about serif and sans serif typefaces and about varying the amount of space between different letter combinations. It was beautiful, historical, artistically subtle. Calligraphy gave Jobs an aesthetic sense which he later successfully explored in other fields. Steve Jobs understood, that by keeping our hands moving: · It encourages our brain to think at a higher level · It’s meditative and relaxing · It develops fine motor skills and memory retention · It promotes creativity and critical thinking · It facilitates connections with other people · It increases aesthetic sense Every single poster, every single note was beautifully calligraphed by his own hands. As Jobs told Stanford's graduates, "When we were designing the first Macintosh computer, it all came back to me. And we designed it all into the Mac. It was the first computer with beautiful typography. If I had never dropped in on that single course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts. And since Windows just copied the Mac, it's likely that no personal computer would have them." And the iPad with a pencil where do you think is coming from? It’s hard to imagine how Mac could have looked today if Steve Jobs was mastering drawing as well as handwriting!!! The incredible thing is that it is possible to develop handwriting and drawing at any point in our lives!!! The most easy method to develop these skills by doing Mind Mapping where you can start practice these skills at your own level and for your own reasons !!!

Lina LinkeviciuteTheatre Director [email protected] Paintings/Luxury Business Professional
Thanks Thomas, take your time to choose beautiful and confortable pen, to write it becomes like a ritual, a special and meaningful moment :)
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Ronaldas Buožis on New to BoatingCinematography, tech and boats15 days ago
Let's start with a simple yet very common question: what's the difference between motorboats and sailboats. Yes, it's in the name, but there's more to that. A motorboat is an ultimate Bay and ocean boat and is great transport for bays or short fishing trips into the wide-open water. Whenever you get the urge, you can hop in, turn the key, and go wherever your heart desires. A sailboat is the perfect boat for people who want to connect to the water and weather on a primal level and understand how to navigate the world on their own power. If you want to live the ultimate boating adventure and explore the world by boat, then a sailboat is the boat you want. As wind power is the main source of energy in a sailboat, running cost is very low, however you will have to compensate that with your hard work while on board. It takes much effort and mastery to win over nature to your side (no auto-pilot too;)). The motorboats are easier to navigate and control, however those powerful engines are very thirsty for fuel. Yes, some can burn 200 liters per 1 hour very easily. The Engine noise at cruising speed can be a factor too, however once you start hitting those waves so fast that not a single sailboat can catch up, then you forget this quickly. Leaving the energy source aside, sailboats provide less space inside as they can only become longer, not wider. Thus, the comfort for passengers or crew is minimized and the draft of a sailboat is much deeper, requiring you to stay further from shore and avoid shallow water. While motorboats are well suited for a very comfortable journey providing opportunities to showcase your boat attire, champagne fridge and sun tanning skills. Which experience do you prefer and why?

Atėnė Strazdas DrozdaitėInterior designer/Survivor/Thinker/Forever learning/ Enthusiast
Ah! It's my dream to spend a day in the Baltic sea on a super yacht❣ Thanks to your insight now I know this for sure 😀
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Povilas Petrauskas on Coaching dialoguesExecutive coach helping leaders create great tribesabout 1 month ago
This is John. I am very lucky that John is my coach. Yes, I am a coach myself and I am more than sure that every professional is successful in his own field because of several reasons. Sure it is lovely when others are saying that I am a successful coach. Here is the essence: success (good, great, bad etc) is the result of partnership with successful (first its about attitude) clients, same mindset coaches and my team members - all them are my partners. I am grateful that I know several of them and can serve them. One of my success reasons is John Serrao. John helps me a lot during our coaching dialogues (live in person ore through zoom). There is John’s merit that I am this kind of coach today. And after each conversation with John I am getting closer and closer to the coach I want to be. The level of this that kind of goal is getting higher each time and guess who is lifting it? Yes, John is lifting it all the time. Today I had a coaching conversation with John and it was hard to find the right words to express my self and name the situation that I was stuck in. I just wanted to be clear with topic is a priority for me: self realisation or relationship. Decision was made? We found the answer? Long story short - it was damn difficult. No kidding. Damn f***ing hard! Here what I found out: authenticity is the key. And here is the point: being authentic I can be uncomfortable for others, even awkward sometime. Even more than now? O maybe - finally? I am curious about it myself. This is how everything could turn when I have my own coaching sessions. This is who is John, my Coach. Yes, I pay him for his professional help and that kind of serving will cost me in the future (we still didn’t finished our year long coaching process and I already asked him to work with me one more year - it will be the 4th year in a row). Now more than ever I believe that people are getting better with the coach then without. I am getting better. For sure. (its ok that even very slowly - I hope I have some time) Does it resonate with you? Great, so who is your coach? #coaching #leadership #business  --- John Serrao is the top level coach (Master Certified Coach according the standarts of Internatianal Coaching Federation) from India. He is also the author of seminars, training programs, he is a keynote speaker in all other the world. Several times he was in delivering workshops in Lithuania. Last time - in a cozy meeting with other coaches. You can find more details in John’s LinkedIn profile or I suggest to talk with him in person. When? I am sure that you will find a way. And maybe sooner or later I will invite him in Lithuania again. Will you join? You are more than welcome.
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