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Working at Qoorio since August has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. 🌞 I love being a part of this team, working with different projects, constantly learning new things... But that's not all. 🌞 I just believe in Qoorio with every cell in my body. Every meeting that I had personally with other people using this platform has been very impactful to me. Talking to people, conversing about different topics always makes me believe in this idea even more - we learn from people, we learn from eachother. 🌞 I encourage you to meet atleast one person outside of your social circle atleast once a month. Believe me, magic will happen. 🌞 Below, you'll see our CEOs Justas' Janauskas' profile and a part of his bio where he talks about Qoorio. And who can better pitch an idea than the co-founder himself :)

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⚠️ Attention, experiment! ⚠️ Adam Malevski and I decided to try to have a public conversation on Qoorio. How does it work? Instead of chatting in private, we talk asynchronously on Qoorio via comments. We think that exposing such discussions might be beneficial for other people like Adam. Do you think this is a good idea? Let us know in the comments. Adam writes: “Hello, my name is Adam, and I’m founding app called Happer. I would like to get some advice about bootstrapping and launching a mobile app. How what are the best product launch strategies?” Me: I believe there is no such thing as a universally best product launch strategy. Every business is unique, therefore have unique, tailored specifically to that business strategies. Strategies of one business rarely fit other businesses. Figuring out the best strategies for your business is one of the key tasks of the founding team. Tell me more about your app, what it does, and what your current plan is to launch it?

Thomas DesimpelAngel Investor, Polyglot, Real Estate Investor
Adam Edvin Malevski following the conversation between you and Justas Janauskas; what would be the main differentiator of your app as simular tools are already on the market (Eventbrite etc ) ? There are so many apps already on a user phone why would they choose yours? More important the 'chicken and the egg problem'..., Which one could be best for building your app?: Just trying to help😊🙂...:
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Have a lot of thoughts buzzing in the head, but feel crap at articulating them to your team or others? I feel you. It happens to me. ALL.THE.TIME! 🙄 You feel like you have a lot of ideas and have the reasoning why they are great and that you can take over the world with them. But when they come out of your mouth, what you say doesn’t have the same power when you vocalize them. And unfortunately what sounds great in your head just doesn’t translate to anything valuable, impressive or inspiring to your team. Not all of us are born great orators, but when we have a passion, we can talk hours about it. Meaning, we have a bunch of words and sentences around the topic, but the key is to concentrate the most valuable part of the whole idea into a short pitch. So…what to do? Basically you have to practice explaining things to people. Here’s a few tips I from my experience, that I feel helped me a lot: 1️⃣ TREAT IT LIKE A STORY “It all started, when…” Not everyone operates on the same level of information as you do, so even if it feels stupid and common sense most of the time when working in a team, start with giving a back story to why your topic/suggestion/idea is important. This introduction is a great way for you to keep the flow of your talk, have everyone onboard and not jump into the middle of the story where context might get lost for people that have less information about what you are telling. 2️⃣ HAVE A PLAN Have the end goal in your head, where you want the listeners to be taken to by your story. Even if what you will be telling or discussing goes all different directions, you will have this powerful lighthouse - the main point that you want to conclude to. 3️⃣ BE PREPARED if you have time, let’s say - have a meeting about something - do some research and challenge your idea asking WHY it is important to discuss and HOW it could be perceived different than you think. In that case - you will feel solid if you get these questions, will express your opinion more firmly, taking possible doubts into consideration, and increase the chance that conclusions will be made as you expected. 4️⃣ MAKE IT FLOW Thoughts usually are very chaotic. In our heads, they are random keywords which you roughly know how to combine into this huge concept. Try putting your thoughts into text. When you do this exercise, you will be faced with a challenge of construction - have to write it down so that it has structure, flows nicely and makes sense in general. After doing so, you will have the structure in your head: what is starts from, why it matters, how you propose to approach it and what value will this idea bring to listeners. 🙃 P.S. See what I did here? I think Qoorio insights are a great way to start practising structuring your talks and inspiring your team 😉
What’s the next big thing for Qoorio? That is the question I was discussing with one of my colleagues yesterday. We initially started with a simple app that allows people to buy & sell their knowledge. It worked partially because only a few people were receiving requests for their knowledge from strangers. Today we are moving to a much more sophisticated product, our current big bet. Instead of being a simple knowledge trading app, we are becoming a human to human learning network. We are adding features so people can express their thoughts and stories through the app and learn from and about each other by reading those stories. And if they want to go deeper, they can do that by arranging a 1:1 talk. I feel this is huge. Recently I tried the old version of Qoorio and then a current one - and, indeed, the current one is more alive, more human, more interesting. Very qoorious to see what will be the impact once we finish the transformation. However, our journey will not be finished, and we will need to keep innovating and to come up with a bet on the next big thing. What is that thing? We don’t know yet. However, we are looking at one particular element of Qoorio experience. As we are creating tools for people to express their stories through insights, we see some people already are engaged in it. However, we feel that many people struggle to create & share their insights. Why? They say they don’t know what to write or think they have nothing to say. On the other hand, every human being is an endless book, and everyone has endless things to say. How to open that book? I can relate to people who don’t know what to write on Qoorio, and I haven’t shared anything meaningful for about a week. Is it true that I have nothing to share? We are building Qoorio, so many things are happening every day, and for sure, there should be something to share. I have a topic ‘Building Qoorio’ on my profile. So far, it has only two insights, nonetheless, we are building it for 1.5+ years. I could use this topic and just document my thoughts every few days. Just like I am doing it now. I also noticed one person has created a topic ‘My startup journey’ and has shared his thoughts on his journey. That was lovely. My colleague said that he will create a topic ‘Boating’ and will document his journey from never boating to having a boat license and boating many times. I would read that with pleasure. Does authentic storytelling, documenting & sharing your thoughts, journey, events can be an answer to the question of what to share on Qoorio? I don’t know yet, qoorious to learn what do you think about it?

Justas JanauskasCEO @ Qoorio
Videos are coming soon. And web is planned after we figure out product on mobile.
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