I can be a master of procrastination. Even if going though my senior year of high-school, I managed to work at Qoorio and move out of my parents' home, pushing important tasks away for one episode of Suits still happens from time to time. 🌳 Forest is one of million apps that I've tried to overcome this procrastination devil and I think it is of the most effective ones for me. Your goal is to set up a time that you will be completely focused and let your trees grow. After some time you can analyse your results, take pride in your forest and know exactly where all your precious time went. 🌳 No, Forest in not sponsoring this post. Jokes aside, highly recommend this free, yet amazing tool!

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#blacklivesmatter is a crucial movement in history. Even though it can be difficult to talk about topics regarding rasicm (even though it is something that people of color have been dealing with for centuries) we all HAVE TO do our best. We need to educate ourselves and teach others about the struggles and the cruelty. This is very important. . https://www.newyorker.com/news/q-and-a/a-black-lives-matter-co-founder-explains-why-this-time-is-different
A Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Explains Why This Time Is Different
Sometimes even the closest relationships require a break... Just kidding, today's insight is not going to be super serious. Let's talk about followers. 📳 Yesterday I decided it was time to rethink who I was following and what impact instagram was doing to my life. As I said, nothing dramatic, just essential to a conscious content consumption! 📳 Usually I would look at who I was following from time to time and make minimal changes. But this time I knew I had to start from scratch - and I did. By unfollowing every single one of the accounts that I've been a follower of (roughly around 850 people). 📳 The only thing I asked my friends is to not take it personally. I am sure that I will follow a looot of people back after exams and when I have a better understanding of how and for what to use social media. But.. why did I do it in the first place? 📳 There was a time where I followed more than 1k, and the content flow was crazy. Now I got used to seeing 2-3% of the people I follow and that is weird. - I am still a believer that social media in itself is not bad. Usually it's our decisions that create the consequences. For example, if you feel self-conscious about your body and blame it on seeing instagram models in your feed all the time, does it make sense to even follow them? 📳 All I want is to surround myself with curious, intelligent, creative individuals and follow informative and trustworthy media accounts and projects. 📳 And a goal like this sometimes requires starting from zero.

Paulina Sofija NalivaikaitėCopywriter
Although not so dramatically, I also did a massive unfollow on Instagram half a year ago. I realised that I shouldn't follow people who induce my (subconscious) jealousy for them living 'better' or 'more interesting' lives while we know a lot of fake lies there. If content makes me feel jealous, insufficient, not 'beautiful' or 'rich' (or whatever) enough, it doesn't deserve a place in my feed. I'm still following ~45 accounts. That's my family, my friends, a few humor accounts, and quite a lot of animal pages, as they bring a smile on my face. 🐈🐨🦉
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Getting ready for exams DOES NOT have to be stressful! 📝 To all my fellow schoolers, having a schedule and some sort of a plan is definitely a way to go. For example, I have created a personal studying calendar and for the first time I actually made it myself - pen on paper. 📝 Sometimes we can get lost in all the different apps and (ironically) get ourselves in a chaotic mindset. Having written everything down on paper, now i know what tasks I have to do and what I need to learn or revise. 📝 Sometimes we just have to go back to the basics :)

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