Photographer. Curious person.
Vilnius, Lithuania
Being young is about being curious, so currently I am focusing on upcoming exams and building my knowledge regarding... everything! (Mostly photography, media and communication, relationships, volunteering, interior, art, style, freelancing, literature, history)

Since photography is one of my biggest passions, I would love to share all my experience and maybe even take your portrait? You can check my work on instagram - @manovardasmarija.

Lastly - I cannot emphasize this enough - I would just simply love to talk to you. Everybody has certain questions about life, the future, ways of living and conversing about these things with someone can do magic. So let's!
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25% donated to Lithuanian Children's Cancer Association "Paguoda"
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30 min

I can take your portrait!
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1.5 h

Full (personal) photoshoot
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1 h

Let's take a walk in Vingis park
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2 h

Let's visit a cinema/theatre/gallery
Reviews from humans who have met with Marija
Such a pleasure to spend time with Marija. She is amazing young woman, who, I can tell, is onto a huge success. Very humble, though confident and proactive. She has a great eye for all things art, nonetheless, Marija is very deeply rooted in her values and it makes the conversation even more special
Stephen Brooks
8 months ago
Marija is extremely helpful, insightful and wise beyond her years. A great first call!
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