Actor and maybe the funniest human alive
Copenhagen, Denmark
“I have been an artist most of my life. From the age of seven, I started dancing ballet at the Royal Danish Ballet Theater, which took me to many parts of the world touring with the company. Later in his life, I toured as a musician and now as an actor. My professional education as an artist has taken place in the US, UK, Africa and Denmark. Having traveled the world extensively have given me a valuable insight into people, life on screen, and life in general.

After being nominated for a Danish ROBERT, the equivalent to an academy award, I was invited to join E.F.A the “European Film Academy” as a voting member and shortly after in the same capacity at DFA the “Danish Film Academy”. I have been in numerous prizewinning productions primarily as an actor, but on occasion also as a director.

I Have been known to radically change my looks by putting on or losing a lot of weight and training hard for different parts. I do my own stunts, including horse-riding, free-diving and fighting on screen-including sword-fighting, fist-fighting, gun-handling, martial arts etc. If I don’t know the technique I will acquire the skill. I find this part of working as an actor to be extremely important to help get into character and also a fantastic opportunity for me to learn a new skill set."
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