Let’s discuss how the Sales department should work. Should Salespeople be incentivized for high performance? For hitting targets? Or only for outperforming them? Should they be paid a small or large fixed salary? What are your opinions and experiences? I tend to think that the optimal model is to construct a three-tier salesman compensation strategy: 1) Pay an adequate salary, so the person doesn't need to bother for money so much 2) Pay team bonuses for overall team performance for reaching and exceeding the targets just split the reward equally between team members, so it is perceived as a team effort 3) Finally, add the cherry on the top for individual efforts and extra miles that a particular person is doing. Sharing is caring ;)

Justas JanauskasQoorious human
Qoorious to learn what models did you try and what was the outcome?
3 months ago
Mantas MažūnaPartnerships & Innovations
I’ve tried it all, as individual circumstances require tailored approaches. There were a bunch of mistakes that led to a lack of team spirit and fighting over bonuses. There were success cases as well, but as your product or service is getting complex, your compensation schemes have to adjust and become multilayered as well.
3 months ago

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The paradox in corporate management. I recently discussed with a few top managers in leading IT players about talents and business growth that they can bring. So what do they want? They want to attract top talents to their companies to build innovative business models and enter new industries to ensure at least double-digit growth. How do they want to get it done? Easily and securely. Not to cause problems to the current CxO management layer, to fit one's talent into a tiny corporate square and not to cause damage to existing procedures and methods. Is it real? No. It is not real for sure. You cannot grow & innovate and at the same time, protect current inefficiencies. You cannot protect the mistakes that are hidden in the methods of current operations. In order to grow -- you need to change. So stop wasting talent for the objectives that you genuinely do not want to achieve. Or rethink the way your today’s organization work.
How to be successful @ Qoorio? 🔸 #1 insight: Reviews One of the main drivers of your Qoorio success is Trust. Reviews about you are the strongest signals for others who consider interacting with you. If you're new and don't have any reviews yet - no worries. Qoorio platforms allows us to leave a review from both sides after a meeting, so it doesn't matter if you're getting or sharing knowledge. There are plenty of FREE topics available, so grab one that interests you and unlock your first Qoorio meeting experience and your first honest review! 🔸 You can hear more of these insights while having a meeting with me. I've been here for a while.. I saw things.. 😂
Lim Yien Yong on How do you define success?Life enthusiast with an autotelic personality4 months ago
The Dark Horse Project is a long-term study of how women and men achieve success by harnessing their individuality. Most traditional research on success asks the question, “What is the best way to achieve success?” We are instead asking, “What is the best way for you to achieve success?” https://medium.com/the-book-mechanic/how-harvards-dark-horse-project-is-shattering-old-beliefs-about-success-44d1d0897e72 "They found that people found happiness through the relentless pursuit of fulfillment. The act of seeking fulfillment brought them success and happiness, instead of fulfillment as a consequence of obtaining mastery in a chosen field. Their work looked at people who are masters of their craft, but totally unhappy at work, because they’re unfulfilled. The dark horses are individual. They each found pride and happiness in different aspects of their work. There is no formula. Just a basic compass heading."
How Harvard’s Dark Horse Project is Shattering Old Beliefs about Success
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