Ad maker and a pretty good listener
Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

I am in the business of creating and disseminating valuable information in a fun and creative manner. In my free time, I enjoy travelling, mainly to the beach and indulging in high adrenaline, cardiac arrest inducing activities such as skydiving and bungee jumping.

I've been told multiple times I'm a good listener and I give pretty solid advise to all my friends and colleagues. Happy to listen and share my life experiences with you if you need a stranger's opinion :)
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Curious about something?
If you want to learn more about something Manpreet might know, don't hesitate, just ask them to share an insight.
Manpreet Kaur on What is the Advertising industry really about?Ad maker and a pretty good listener
What is your main learning from previous experiences in ad industry on how to select which idea is the best and should be executed?
Asked by Ronaldas Buožis
Hi Ronaldas, Thank you for reaching out. The first criteria would be what is the problem you're trying to solve. Is it creating awareness for a new product that nobody knows of? Is it increasing sales? First, identify what is the objective / problem. Then evaluate all ideas you think of if its addressing the problem. Some ideas may be nice to do but it doesn't address the problem so put them aside. A good idea is often single minded based on insights and understanding you have of your business and who you are targeting. Why would this appeal to them? What would make them listen to you. One thought that you want people to focus on that is the core of your business. The creative execution would be based on that single minded thought Also look at who your target audience is. Would this idea appeal to them? Would they respond in the manner you want them to? Where would you reach out to them? If your audience is someone who is in their 50s, why would you do a tiktok campaign? You would reach out to them on FB instead. Time and cost is of course another factor. Can your idea be executed within the timeframe you're looking at and within the budget you have? Any regulatory issues / permissions required? That will delay the launch date. Hope this helps :)

Ronaldas BuožisCinematography, tech and boats
Thank you!
Manpreet Kaur on Daily rambles from my brainAd maker and a pretty good listener
So I just finished watching The Social Dilemma on Netflix. I would recommend this piece to literally everyone who's on social media. A lot of people's brains were mindblown as they were now exposed to the reality of the social platforms they frequent. Not so much for me because I am in the Advertising business and therefore have the advantage of understanding the true purpose and objective of social platforms. To summarise, basically, what your social platforms are doing is creating a business model that profits / monetises off how how well it understands its users. What this means is everytime you're on Facebook for example, you're being shown content from three buckets; Engagement (what you watch / read / engage with), Growth (how to make you visit FB again and again) and Ads from Advertisers that may interest you to ultimately profit of you. Each of these buckets are powered by algorithms whose job is to figure out what to show you. So you're basically being targeted with all sorts of content curated specially with the intention of keeping you engaged for as long as possible on the platform. Because the longer you spend your time on the platform, the more its AI learns about you, to build an even more accurate model that will allow them to make better predictions of you. Whoever has the best model, wins.

Naivedya ParamarthaMarketing, IoT, sports, coffee & books
I watched this and echo your thoughts! Currently reading the weapon of Math Destruction and the author was part of the documentary ( Cathy )
Manpreet Kaur on What is the Advertising industry really about?Ad maker and a pretty good listener
Why did I join the Advertising industry? Hmm, to most people when you mention the word "Advertising", you get two types of response. The older generation, such as your parents, your uncles and aunties would go "Oh, Advertising. What do you do actually?" They would rather you become a doctor, lawyer or engineer. Then there's the other group of people who go "Wow, that's so cool! You get to create cool advertisements. It must be fun!" I was a part of the second group of people, in terms of my expectations when I was new to the industry. Only to realise, its not a business of creating something cool cause we can but its a business of solving problems. Solving real business problems. And majority of the times, problems my clients face does not require a cool ad as they are not mainly launching a new product like a new beer flavour / the new iPhone100 but rather how can we encourage parents to vaccinate their children against influenza. I personally enjoy working on brands most people see as "boring" such as pharmaceutical and healthcare and banking because these guys sell you a service and knowledge of their products that actually benefit you and your loved ones but you would prefer not to hear from them unless and until you need them. And that's the beauty of advertising to me. Making you see that some brands have a valuable POV that needs to reach its intended audience and I can help make their brand matter.
Manpreet Kaur on I'm a pretty good holiday trip planner 😊Ad maker and a pretty good listener
5 tips to planning your perfect holiday A) Use the help of aggregator sites such as skyscanner for airlines and Trivago for hotels but always make your purchases from the airline / hotel itself because sometimes going through a 3rd party site causes problems like bookings being lost B) Get a translator app if you're going to a foreign country. The kind that helps you type in your chosen language and is translated in written foreign language or spoken foreign language for locals in that country to understand and help you. This is because not every country speak English as a native language esp Korea. So you're gonna have to get creative C) Get cost savings by using sites like Klook which is famous for asian countries deals and discounts. I got my Korea Rail pass, portable wifi and sim card as well as theme park tickets to Lotte World on Klook and I saved quite a bit vs buying it on the spot D) Use tools like google streetview to help you gauge the neighbourhood and surrounding area of a particular place you're interested in. This will help you have an idea if you like the neighbourhood before you decide to book it / is it safe for a solo traveller / too many slopes for older travellers or people with bad knees. E) Research, Research and Research Its the only full proof method to a well planned trip without any unplanned surprises. This also helps you maximise your number of days at that particular location and making sure you visit everything that tickles your fancy without any unforeseen circumstances I love planning full-proof trips and I spend months planning them. If you would like any advise or help planning your trips for you, happy to do so.
Manpreet Kaur on Love and RelationshipsAd maker and a pretty good listener
What do you think of marrying someone from a different religion? A) Its tough. They will never understand my beliefs and values and the importance those set of beliefs hold in my life B) Its definitely possible so long as there is tolerance, acceptance and understanding on each other's set of beliefs and values I personally believe its possible. What are your thoughts? Have you experienced dating / are dating someone from a different religion?

Manpreet KaurAd maker and a pretty good listener
There is no specific desire to be with someone of a different religion. It just opens the dating pool to other people besides the ones in your religion and in Malaysia, a country of multicultures, its pretty normal. We have a lot of mixed marriages here between different races and its possible to make work as long as there is mutual understanding, respect and alignment between the couple
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