Jack of all trades, master of design 🎨
Vilnius, Lithuania

Building startups? Opening a cafe? Playing with a band? Closing a major deal with Vilnius municipality as a freelance app designer? Filming music videos with millions of views in YouTube? Aerial photography? Getting viral worldwide after making a prank in IKEA? You name it, I’ve done it all and feels like I could go on forever. I really love trying new things and every experience helps me with next ideas.

Although, my main focus has always been design. 👨🏻‍🎨
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Titas Rukas5 months ago
Good ideas, provided good information about startups✌
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Erikas Mališauskas on 💡 Usability reviewJack of all trades, master of design 🎨Some time ago
On top, you see an interface of Space X Dragon 2 commercially made spacecraft which just successfully launched first crew to International Space Station. Below is an interface of Soyuz MS spacecraft which has been used since 2016 up to these days for last 13 expeditions. It’s a great example of how commercial companies and government companies treat UI/UX design differently. It’s also a good visualization of why people hate government tools and use commercial ones instead.


Dominykas RimšaProduct & UX Designer
Beautifully simplified! However I’m very interested to learn how they mitigate the risk of error or miss-tap on a touch UI. If SpaceX released a UX case study on it it would be a read of a decade.
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